New LockCircle BirdCage PRO / PRO-S for Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII cameras!

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With many moving to Sony A7s II and Sony A7r II cameras for a variety of reasons, it seems very appropriate that our friends over that LockCircle have buried their heads for long time and created a cage with a ton of features and thought for the sony shooter!

We’ve worked with Dante and the crew at LockCircle for a long time and respect what they’re doing – they don’t just slap things together. They create polished accessories that work.

Hell, a lot of people thought I was crazy for loving their first LockCircles…

planet5D Signature Edition LockCircle

but I still use them today on my bodies! They’re awesome. Could I survive with the dumb plastic covers that Canon provides, sure, but I don’t trust them to stay on.

Anyway, there are a lot of great features in these new cages for the Sony bodies.

Especially love that the LockPort HDMI is built right in.

Read thru the PR below and see all the features built-in and consider how much they’ve thought about doing this well. Base plates, cable connections, adapters, follow focus, they’ve all been completely integrated and thought out.

Well done Dante!

New LockCircle BirdCage PRO / PRO-S for Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII cameras!

Via Lockcircle Press:

The new BirdCage PRO and PRO-S by LockCircle are innovative professional cages designed to fit like a glove around the latest mirrorless Sony A7RII and A7SII cameras featuring the exclusive LockCircle “Asymmetrical Design Approach” for right hand camera grabbing and control with the original camera ergonomic feeling.

Designed for comfortable grip and action, leaving on the left side of the camera all the production tools and accessories mounting: a still and film camera without the limitations of other cages.

The BirdCage PRO has the classic LockCircle Twin Baseplate System based on a Ultra-Thin Baseplate and a T-Riser Baseplate, the BirdCage PRO-S (S for Sound) is designed for filmmakers using the original Sony sound capture accessories using the (Mi) Multi-Interface Hot Shoe Compatible System.

The BirdCage PRO and PRO-S integrates the new LockPort Flex, and a system of mounting plates and Positive-Lock Mounts for universal lens mounting and precise professional follow-focus work.

New LockCircle BirdCage PRO

The innovative LockPort Flex protects definitely the fragile micro-HDMI output on your Sony A7RII and Sony A7SII from tough production abuse.

The LockPort Flex System design introduces new concepts to the original LockPort project adding the freedom to benefit the full-size HDMI output in every direction /position on the BirdCage (cables with drones and gimbals needs special care when setting up to avoid undesired camera movements).

The Lockport Flex has three different length cables in kit to reach several output positions and directions.

The BirdCage PRO and PRO-S baseplate has a mounting “receiver”for the Meta-Block, designed for a Metabones “state of the art” mounting/locking, and a IMS-Block for high grade professional Positive-Lock Mounts (PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Panavision, Leica and M).

Vertical mount of the camera is available and compatible with the LockPort Flex System, and all along the Focal-Plane there are several threads for the (AC) tape measurement hook mounting.

New LockCircle BirdCage PRO 1

Incredible lightweight, only 128 grams (4.5 oz.) with the Ultra-Thin Baseplate , 200 grams (7 oz) for the PRO-S.

  • BirdCage PRO / PRO-S features:
  • Innovative Asymmetrical Cage Design”
  • right hand camera grabbing and control with original camera ergonomic feeling.
  • rock solid accessories mounting with n° 114 threads 1/4” and n° 4 threads 3/8” (PRO), the PRO-S has n° 100 threads 1/2″ and n° 4 threads 3/8″
  • Top Grip Handle with n° 23 threads 1/4” and n° 16 threads 3/8”, a 15mm rod can be used inside the Top Handle for accessories, microphones,leds….
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum
  • LockPort Flex integrated micro to full-size HDMI adapter.
  • Meta Block (adjustable) mount for serious Metabones locking to the Baseplate (no bayonet play and heavy-duty mounting)
  • IMS Block (adjustable) mount for P+S Technik Positive-Lock Mounts for cinema style shooting and superior follow focus work.
  • Sony E-Mount to PL Mount, Canon EF Mount and Nikon F Mount with exclusive PLS Positive-Locking System (non lens bayonet play).
  • Focal Plain threads for AC meausurement hook.
  • The BirdCage PRO is available in black finish, the PRO-S is available in black or titanium color.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

Available on stock, shipping worldwide

Prices starts from Euro 329,00 + vat / USD 349,00 + shipment/duties

for more informations: [email protected]

New LockCircle BirdCage PRO-S


(cover photo credit: snap from Lockcircle)

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