LookLabs Black Friday – 40% Off! If You’ve Thought About SpeedLooks, Now is the Time!

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LookLabs Black Friday Offer

Black Friday is just around the corner and LookLabs is having their annual sale!

From the 25th to the 30th of November you can get SpeedLooks LOG and/or Linear for 40% off.

SpeedLooks was built for the entire spectrum of colorists, from beginners looking for a stunning grade to experts looking for an excellent starting point. Studio Linear is for editors and colorists looking for a quick, real time 1 LUT way to achieve a beautiful filmic look.

Studio LOG is our 2 LUT process featuring our camera patches, great for any seasoned colorist and an instantly stunning color result for any beginning colorist. Together they create a perfect package, ready to turn any project into a work of art.

Visit the website at looklabs.net before this offer ends.

LookLabs BF

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