Final Cut Pro X Has Just Gained Powerful Mocha-Based Tracking, Gratis, Thanks To Plug-Ins Maker CoreMelt’s SliceX Free

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Final Cut Pro X plug-in maker CoreMelt has just turned Final Cut Pro X into a powerful mocha tracking-enabled NLE, gratis, with SliceX Free, its latest free plug-in. The only cost to you? Filing in an online form with your email address so your permanent SliceX Free licence can be emailed to you.

Free and permanent is even better than the many top-quality FCPX plug-ins and Motion templates CoreMelt has already been giving away to the Final Cut Pro X community. And as if that were not enough, you can try out any of CoreMelt’s other excellent plug-ins for 14 days before making the decision to purchase.

Before doing any of that, may I suggest visiting CoreMelt’s tutorials movies page or its Vimeo account to get a good idea of just some of what CoreMelt’s plug-ins can do, especially its mocha-powered power trio of DriveX, TrackX and SliceX. Many editors rate these three plug-ins as “absolutely essential” and so do I.

Another “can’t live without” CoreMelt plug-in is Lock&Load, a brilliant stabilization filter that goes far beyond FCPX’s native stabilizer.

CoreMelt's mission statement is “to bring powerful and flexible tools to video editors with simple workflow and at affordable prices.” They continue to do that with some of the highest calibre FCPX plug-ins available, affordable or altogether free as in SliceX Free.

Get a taste for what mocha tracking can do then consider adding some of CoreMelt’s many other plug-ins to your editing toolkit. [bctt tweet=”Final Cut Pro X has gained powerful Mocha-based tracking, free, thanks to plug-ins maker CoreMelt.”]

SliceX Free – completely free tracked masks inside Final Cut Pro X

CoreMelt is now making the power of mocha tracking in FCP X available completely free. You just need to request a license through our automated form and you will receive a permanent license which lets you use mocha tracking with oval and rectangle masks. Although this is just a small amount of the power of our full SliceX product, it still allows you to perform a lot of common useful tasks.

Get your License of SliceX Free.

CoreMelt makes over 50 free plugins and motion templates available for FCP X. These are.

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