Do you shoot on Train Tracks? If so, STOP!

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Have you ever done a portrait shoot (or a selfie) on a train track?

I have. Tho I found a train track that is very very rarely used.

In fact, I did it with a high school senior recently (and now I know it is illegal too! Which I didn't know at the time – I guess ignorance of the law wouldn't get me out of that one either).

We of course also remember Sarah Jones who was killed as part of a film crew on a bridge over a river on a train track.

But when I saw this report, I was shocked.

I (like many others) assumed you could HEAR the train coming and would be able to get out of the way easily.

Watch this report from the Today show and I'll bet you won't be doing many selfies on train tracks again.

Taking Selfies on Train Tracks: Dangerous New Trend Is Ending Lives

Via Today:

A number of people have been killed recently by trains while taking selfies on the tracks, an illegal and dangerous practice. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen demonstrates how surprisingly difficult it is to hear a train approaching from behind in time to get out of its way – and even calls himself out for his own careless behavior in the past.

Read this article on Today “Taking Selfies on Train Tracks: Dangerous New Trend Is Ending Lives”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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