1. Great article.  Thanks for posting Hugh!  I’ve come to the same conclusions about not shooting S-log in low light situations or lower contrast situations.  I completely agree with Alister that S-log 2 doesn’t really help improve detail in the shadow areas, it just makes blacks milkier and increases noise.  And S-log 3 isn’t significantly better.  S-log really shines when trying hold detail in highlights in a wide dynamic range scene.  My conclusions are based on observing a waveform monitor and noticing noise levels in the shadows.  Thanks to Alister for giving a detailed technical explanation for “why” this occurs and what the trade offs are.  He gives good advice about when to stick with the Rec 709 gamma or use slightly extended gammas like Cine Gammas or Hypergammas.

  2. HughBrownstone rsellars Sounds good.  No hurry.  Hope you and family are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!

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