The Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal Upgrade — For When 3 Axes Aren’t Good Enough (Ends on 23rd – be quick!)

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If you’re not getting enough stabilization out of three axes, why not try four? The Jockey Motion is here to help you with exactly that, and it looks fantastic.

Touting claims like, “the Holy Grail of cinematic video stabilization” will definitely get me to raise a skeptical eyebrow. Combine that with it being a crowdfunded product and you’ll forgive me for taking my time before getting excited about this. But here I am, telling you, the Jockey looks pretty great.

The Jockey is a 4th axis upgrade to your Ronin, Ronin-M, Movi M5, Movi M10, Movi M15, AllSteady-6Pro or AllSteady-6Plus. While your 3-axis gimbal most likely gets rid of most of the vibration and motion from your shot, there’s one thing that they don’t do well. They don’t remove that vertical motion from walking or running. This can lead to bumpy shots. The Jockey uses hydraulic shocks to dissipate energy in the vertical axis, removing that up and down oscillation that you’ve no doubt experienced.

What makes this package even more attractive is the ability to attach the Jockey in so many different formations. This obviously gives you more freedom to shoot at the angle that you want in a way that’s most comfortable.

There’s still a lot to be seen from the Jockey, but it’s most definitely worth your time. Their Kickstarter ends on October 23rd, so your chance to pick up the discounts they’re offering are slipping away. Act quick if you’re interested and make sure to check back in and share your results when you receive yours!

Upgrade Ronin / Ronin-M 3-Axis to 4-Axis Gimbal, A Breakthrough Hydraulic Dampening System

Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal & Upgrade Ronin 3-Axis to 4-Axis

Via Kickstarter:

True 4-Axis Jockey Technology, the Holy Grail of cinematic video stabilization, has arrived. This game-changing 4-axis technology stabilizes the vertical axis, a critical deficiency of traditional 3-axis gimbals in addressing bouncy videos. In developing the revolutionary Jockey Motion 4-Axis gimbal, Turbo Ace engineers have also adapted a seamless 4th-axis Jockey upgrade for Ronin, Ronin-M, Movi M5, Movi M10, Movi M15, AllSteady-6Pro and AllSteady-6Plus gimbals, providing easy transition between existing 3-axis and new 4-axis stabilization.

Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal - Upgrade Ronin 3-Axis to 4-Axis


The Jockey’s proprietary 4th axis when coupled with the Jockey Rig put an end to undulating videos, tiring shoulders and arms. Continue shooting for the entire day with the Jockey Support Rig without getting tired and say goodbye to rolling shutter footage from the bounces.

If you already own a DJI Ronin, DJI Ronin-M, Movi M5, Movi M10, Movi M15, AllSteady-6Pro or AllSteady-6Plus 3-axis gimbal, you can choose one of the JOCKEY 4TH-AXIS STABILIZER DELUXE or PRO PACKAGES to upgrade your gimbal to 4-axis. For Ronin and Ronin-M owners make sure you pick PACKAGE-R with the appropriate quick release adapter. For Movi M5, M10 and M15 owners make sure you pick PACKAGE-MR which comes with a quick release converter that works with the Freefly Toad in a hole system. The Toad In The Hole Quick Release Mount is available for purchase separately at For AllSteady-6PRO and AllSteady-6PLUS gimbals make sure you pick PACKAGE-A that includes a quick release adapter compatible with series 500 Manfrotto quick release plates. Mounting the 4th Axis Jockey on a 3-axis gimbal takes merely seconds. Simply replace the original horizontal 3-axis handlebars with the Jockey 4th-Axis Stabilizer easily identified by its signature “V” handlebars.

Jockey 4-Axis Stabilizer


  • DJI Ronin: Compatible with PACKAGE-R
  • DJI Ronin-M: Compatible with PACKAGE-R
  • Movi M5, M10 & M15: Compatible with PACKAGE-M
  • AllSteady-6Pro: Compatible with PACKAGE-A
  • AllSteady-6Plus: Compatible with PACKAGE-A


  • Frame: CNC Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Handlebars: 30mm Carbon Fiber Booms
  • Handles: Carbon Core with Rubberized Grips
  • Payload Capacity: Up to 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22″ (W) x 7″ (H) x 11″ (D)
  • Differential Weight (Upgrading Ronin from 3-axis to 4-axis): 2.8 lbs
  • Operating Weight of Ronin (10 lbs) + Jockey Differential Weight (2.8 lbs) + Camera (5 lbs): Jockey Support Rig transfers most of the resulting 17.8 lbs load to your hips leaving less than 3.6 lbs on your arms.

Learn more about Jockey Motion 4-Axis Gimbal & Upgrade Ronin 3-Axis to 4-Axis at their Kickstarter campaign page

(cover photo credit: snap from Kickstarter)

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  1. I have bought AllSteady from the company beginning of the year, I hated their services and good luck if this ever takes off. I’m an owner of Two RoninM and I can tell you pushing gimbal upside down will take a toll on the gimbal even on my A7S and GH4. Yes on a short take that will work but again why would I spend the money.

  2. Hi,

    Can you email me the full specs of this JOCKEY 4TH-AXIS STABILIZER SPECIFICATIONS and the camera that you are using on the Jockey.

    I think i just need the camera specs really good one that i can use for filming commercial adds outside and indoors.

    Looking forward

    Best Regards,

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