Holy Venture Capital! Filmmaking Collaboration Company Frame.io Secures $2.2M from Top VC Firm

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Frame.io hit the ground running, and now with a $2.2 million injection of additional funding from one of the world’s top VC firms, who knows what they can’t do?

We first covered Frame.io back in mid-March and quickly followed up with a full-on interview with founder Emery Wells when they went live on March 31st. We tried the platform ourselves and liked it, but at the end of August we headlined a piece with “Frame.io Just Got REALLY Interesting.” Why? Because suddenly they’d added a Final Cut Pro X extension that made FCPX better than it was without it.

The team had filmmakers as founders and product managers along with crackerjack software developers – and by the end of August, they also had 50,000+ users from 120 countries.

In other words, what VC would call “traction.”

Accel Partners, Frame.io’s lead investor in this round, is a legendary venture capital firm with investments in an incredible array of renowned startups from Facebook to Dropbox, Slack, Etsy, Spotify, DJI — and more.

They have a stunning track record.

The fact that Frame.io not only showed up on Accel’s radar but led to an actual investment puts Frame.io in an exceptionally rarified group.

We look forward to what Frame.io does next, and congratulate Emery and the team.

Frame.io Raises $2.2M from Accel Partners, Jared Leto & More

Frame.io Accel

Via Medium:

From the beginning, we’ve decided that being open and transparent with our product development and business was best for our customers. In keeping with that tradition, I’m so excited to share Frame.io has raised $2.2M dollars from a spectacular group of investors. Our round was led by Accel Partners who many know as early investors in Facebook and dozens of the world’s most successful companies such as Dropbox and Slack. Accel uniquely understands the cross section of media and collaboration. They’ve helped build and scale some of the most respected startups in our space.


Along side Accel is the incredible team at SignalFire led by Chris Farmer. We also welcome Academy Award winning actor and musician Jared Leto. While less known for his tech investments, Jared has felt the pain of creative collaboration across multiple touch-points in his career and he brings a wealth of insight to our product roadmap. Other angels in our round include Funders Guild; Thomas Hesse, former president of Sony Music and Co-Founder of Vevo; Clark Valberg, founder of InVision; Jon Dahl, founder of ZenCoder; and Walter Kortshak, Senior Advisor at Summit Partners.

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We spoke exclusively with Anthony Ha at TechCrunch about the background of Frame.io and all the things we have in the works.

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Read this article at Medium “Frame.io Raises $2.2M from Accel Partners, Jared Leto & More”

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