Falcon Shield: Brits Develop System to Take Control of Drones, But Does it Need Canon 250MP Sensor?

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In this installment of “Skynet is Coming, Skynet is Coming,” I ask: “Is it just me (probably), or does the artwork accompanying this story remind you of a cover from the Tom Swift, Jr. series of the 1950s?”

And: doesn’t it sound like they need Canon’s new 250 megapixel sensor to make it work?

Or have STAR WARS on the brain?

Just sayin’.

British engineers invent system to take control of rogue drones

Via sUAS News:

A defence shield which takes control of rogue drones that could be used in terrorist attacks or by criminals to smuggle drugs has been developed by British engineers.

Researchers at Luton-based electronic warfare group Selex ES have invented a system which can locate, identify and then control the remotely-piloted aircraft which could pose a threat to public safety or people’s privacy.

British engineers invent system to take control of rogue drones


The market for such a device could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds, according to Selex’s analysis.

Called Falcon Shield, the system uses cameras, radar and advanced electronics which monitor signals being broadcast to and transmitted by drones to track them and work out what type they are.

Read this article at sUAS News “British engineers invent system to take control of rogue drones”

Source: The Telegraph

(cover photo credit: snap from sUAS News)

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