Do We Really Need #iphonebikinishoot in This Headline? iPhone 6s Vs DSLR – iPhone Wins!

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Um…YES? Can you imagine if we’d written instead “iPhone 6S wipes the floor with a Nikon D750 when it comes to video?” Wait a minute, that’s pretty good…

I really like the Fstoppers guys, and I love these videos.

But I have to check my pulse, because what I love about these videos is the message, rather than the bikini-clad messenger: the iPhone 6S shooting at 4K delivers better images in 1080p than Nikon’s D750 [B&H | Amazon].

Under certain situations.

Which ultimately says less about the D750 than the value proposition of ALL hybrid DSLRs and ILCs – which in turn says less about the gear than the person using the gear .

As these two vids fabulously illustrate.

Does the iPhone 6S beat the D750 in low light, or in choice of lenses, or…

Do you even need to ask? Of course not. But as I just wrote, that’s not the point.

Watch and enjoy.

Kudos to the fstoppers team!

The iPhone 6S Takes Better Video Than My Pro DSLR

Via Fstoppers:

Yesterday we released the iPhone Bikini Shoot, a video in which I do a professional quality photoshoot with minimal gear. The point of the video wasn't to say that the iPhone was a better camera than a professional DSLR, it was meant to inspire photographers to use the gear they currently own to create beautiful images. Obviously the iPhone is infinitely worse than any current DSLR for stills but surprisingly it appears to be a far better video camera than my $3000 DSLR when there is enough light present.

The iPhone 6s Bikini Shoot

You may have seen my 4k comparison video released last week in which I put the Sony AR7II up against the iPhone 6s. Thankfully the $4500 Sony 4k system out performed the iPhone but the footage from the phone was still incredible. Someone suggested that I compare the iPhone's video footage to our go-to cameras (Nikon D810s and D750s). I used a Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 lens and locked it at around 35mm. I did some color/contrast tests and found that the footage out of both cameras looked about the same if I set the Nikon to “neutral.” I then walked around a park near our office and grabbed a few shots. It was impossible to tell which footage looked best in the field but once we got back to the office the comparison was pretty shocking. The iPhone's 4k footage downscaled to 1080p was significantly better than the Nikon D750.

Read full article at Fstoppers “The iPhone 6s Takes Better Video Than My Professional Nikon DSLR”

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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