Denver Riddle Teaches You How To Grade Motion Pictures Or Your Own Movies Using Color Finale in FCPX.

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I have been waiting for this tutorial for some time since Color Grading Central’s Denver Riddle let mention of it slip in a newsletter email as I recall. And now its here – his ‘Color Grading a Film’ tutorial, with CGC’s excellent grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X, Color Finale.

What a movie to choose – an emotion-drenched Hollywood feature film titled ‘Just Let Go’ and a detailed multi-step, 11-chapter tutorial movie that you can watch in situ at YouTube or download later to study at your own convenience as I most often do.

The benefit of basing his tutorial on a major motion picture, and one that he worked on as the movie’s colorist is that Mr Riddle can replay many of the grading decisions that he made during the course of the project.

Shot-to-shot color matching, underscoring message and emotion via choices in tone and color, day for night (my favorite part of the tutorial), correcting exposure and color balance, all these are essential to the color grading process and are covered well in this tutorial.

Color me impressed. And color me far better informed and way more confident in my grading work now than I ever was before. Thank you, Mr Riddle.

And all for free too, whether you possess a Color Finale licence or use any other popular color grading application or plug-in. Or non-linear editing system for that matter. Final Cut Pro X plus Color Finale, however, looks like one helluva combo after seeing them in action together here. [bctt tweet=”Denver Riddle teaches how to grade motion pictures or your own movies using Color Finale in FCPX.”]

Final Cut Pro X – Color Grading a Film Tutorial (FULL CLASS)


Via Youtube Description:

In this tutorial series I share with you how to color grade or color correct in Final Cut Pro X using Color Finale on a feature length film. I start at the basics and work through to advanced grading topics. You can follow long using the same footage from the film Just Let Go!

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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