This Canon DSLR Has an Old-School Secret: Built-in Pong!

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They sure don’t make cameras like they used to, do they? Boy, I remember back in the day when you had 2 megapixels, and damn it, you’d be happy with it. If you were lucky, like those guys and gals that owned Canon EOS D2000’s, you’d be able to play Pong as you walked uphill both ways to your brand spanking new Windows 98 Home PC.

Nowadays, with all of the seriousness and performance stuffed into each new camera body, we could never expect easter eggs like this. But just think, wouldn’t it be great to see a bit of personality from the camera engineers? I get it, it’s a science and all of the software is designed so you practically don’t even have to think about it when using it. I’d love to have a bit of a, man behind the curtain, moment. Just so I remember every once in a while that people make these cameras.

This Canon DSLR Has an Old-School Secret: Built-in Pong


In any new medium, the days of early development are typically a creative wild west where pretty much anything goes. Apparently that was true back in the 1990s, and some engineers at Kodak must have had some free time on their hands.

The Kodak DCS 520 and 560–rebranded and sold by Canon as the EOS D2000 and D6000– had a cool little easter egg: a built-in game of Pong. Playable by rotating the command dial, you can move the paddle on the right up and down to deflect the ball back in the goal.

Canon's Chuck Westfall recently shot this short video of the D2000's easter egg in action:

Canon EOS D2000 Pong Video

Video via Phoblographer

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