The Teradek Bolt Sends Your Signal Faster Than You Ever Imagined!

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The possibilities with 0 latency wireless video transmission are many and exciting. Magnanimous Media has released a video showing the use of Teradek’s new Bolt wireless video system, and it looks fantastic.

The Bolt allows cinematographers to wirelessly transmit their 1080p 60 frames per second, 4:2:2 video, up to 300 feet with no delay (okay, there’s a 1 millisecond delay). This means sending your signal to video village and your focus puller is no longer a maze of cables. It’s 10 minutes of set up and you’re good to go.

You can power this system in two ways and it depends on what version you have invested in. The standard requires external power, while the Pro comes with a 60-minute internal lithium ion battery. This may not seem like a very important distinction, but being able to go almost entirely without wires is pretty incredible. It makes going handheld, or onto your shoulder rig that much easier.

Not only are you able to send this signal at distance, but you’re able to send it to up to be receivers. In addition, you can grab the uncompressed video and save it directly to a computer.

The power and speed the Bolt is truly astounding. I type all of this on my home computer, which is currently struggling to maintain connection with my WiFi, a mere 10 feet away.

The Teradek Bolt is a fantastic piece of gear for everyone who can afford it, but starting at $1,990.00 via B&H, many of us won’t be able to lay down the money. So it’s great that rental houses such as Magnanimous are so accessible to all shooters now.

For now we’ll forgive his mispronunciation of, “Chassis.”

Teradek Bolt Setup and Overview Video – Magnanimous Media

Robert walks through functionality, details, and differences of the Teradek Bolt and Bolt Pro. He then walks us through setup.

Note: teradek is a sponsor, but they didn't ask us to post this, we just thought it was great info.

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