The BIGGEST Photography Event of the Year – ENDED

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NOTE: the deal is over now


Every year my friends Griffin, Valerie and Adam over at 5DayDeal put on what I personally consider to the be the biggest, most exciting photography event of the year. They spend months putting together a collection of all the best photography products available online from all of the top name photographers around the world, and for 5 days only, they’re selling it for just $127.

This year they’ve got products from awesome names like David duChemin, Nicole S. Young, Lindsay Adler, Trey Ratcliff, Serge Ramelli, and Topaz Labs.

Here’s just a few of the products included in the deal:

5 Simple and Creative Lighting Setups + High Impact Images by Lindsay Adler – $198 Value
24/7 Photo Pro by Dave Seeram – $497 Value
The Art of Sculpting Splashes by Alex Koloskov – $250 Value
Lightroom for Landscapes by Christopher O’Donnell – $199 Value
Newborn Photography for the On Location Photographer by Cole’s Classroom – $300 Value
Photographing Children – Naturally by Brent Mail – $300 Value
Wedding Photography Business Start Up Bundle by Jasmine Star – $50 Value

Complete Photography Bundle III Full Promo Video

The biggest photography event of the year is happening right now!


Photography Bundle III

In fact, they’ve included over 50 products from more than 25 contributors, many of which normally sell for over $150 alone. When you buy The Complete Photography Bundle on, you get dozens of super high-quality photography products. Over $3,300 worth of products to be exact. Now you see why I consider it to be the most exciting photography event of the year.

You might be wondering, what if you already own one of these products?

That’s alright, The Complete Photography Bundle is still a total bargain even if you already have one or a few of the products. It’s also good no matter what your level is – there’s something in there for everyone.

However, the best part of the whole thing is that a full 10% of the revenue from the sales goes directly to 4 awesome, specially chosen charities; Help Portrait, The BOMA Project, Camp Smile-A-Mile, and Flashes of Hope.

They’re looking to raise over $300,000 for these charities this year, and to do that, they’ll need your help. Head over to to check out the sale, and, even if you choose not to buy this year, please share the sale with your network to help raise awareness. Not only is this a great deal, it’s a great cause which I’m extremely proud to support, and I hope you will too.


Go to the Deal NOW.

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