Sony a6000 $100 Instant Savings!

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My favorite camera is $100 cheaper than it was yesterday, though who knows for how long!

At the end of 2014 I said the Sony a6000 topped gear of the year, even over its already-legendary bigger brother the A7s [B&H | Amazon] and the lovely Panasonic GH4 [B&H | Amazon]. I was able to get it for $449, to which I applied a $200 gift card. I haven’t seen the price this low until…now.

Get ‘em while they’re hot, though there is a rumor floating around about an a6000 replacement. No matter: this puppy is a GREAT camera on its own, and at this price, it is unbeatable. If an a7000 is announced at IBC later this week (though the rumor mill has gone quiet), cool – you’ve already got your B cam!

$100 off on the A6000. A7s for $1,799.


Via Sony Alpha Rumors:

The A6000 got a $100 price drop on all US stores like Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto. The A600 double zoom lens kit also got a $100 off via FocusCamera on Amazon (Click here). Let’s hope this means the A6xxx/Axxx is really coming soon!

Read this article at Sony Alpha Rumors “$100 off on the A6000. A7s for $1,799

(cover photo credit: snap from Sony Alpha Rumors)

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