Is Your Drive Reliable? These Guys Probably Know

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How you store your data is almost just as important as how you capture it. And in reality, it is more important. While you might have a fantastic shoot—everything went well and was captured well, you’re still in danger of losing all of it if your data is not protected. Any videographer or photographer can tell you of the absolute nightmare of lost data.

Why then don’t we research our hard drives more? I have fallen into this trap as well. You’ll just go to the store and pick up a hard drive as if there’s no difference between the brands at all. That’s a major problem. Especially when all of the leg work has been done by the smart dudes over at

They have tracked the reliability of hard drives over a long period of time, and with that information have been able to give incredibly accurate statistics as to their lifespan. The results definitely have changed what drives I’ll turn to in the future. The last thing that any of us want to do is be in that percentage of failed drives.

Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q2 2015

Via Backblaze:

Each quarter, Backblaze updates our hard drive statistics with the latest data. As of the end of Q2 2015, there were 47,561 drives spinning in our datacenter. Subtracting out boot drives, drive models with less than 45 drives and drives in testing systems, we are publishing data on 46,038 hard drives spread across 21 different models, from 1.5TB to 8.0TB in size.

All the hard drives in this review are used in the production systems in our datacenter. The environment is climate controlled and all drives are individually monitored. Each day we pull the available SMART stats reported by each and every drive. These stats are available for download from our Hard Drive Data web page.

There are two SMART stats of particular interest for most folks: hours in operation and drive temperature. The SMART 9 attribute allows us to compute the age of the drive, and the SMART 194 attribute allows us to determine that all drives are within their acceptable temperature range. Downloading the data will enable you to examine the SMART stats for every drive we used in this review.

Hard Drive Failure Rates
We’ll start by comparing the hard drive reliability stats for the January-June 2015 period with the stats from 2014:

Hard Drive Annual Failure Rates

Read full article at Backblaze “Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q2 2015”

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