How to Crank with Magic Lantern on a Canon Camera

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I use Magic Lantern all the time when taking photos now. I think it’s one of the more underrated functions of the software.

The Intervalometer and the ability to dial in the exact White Balance for the best skin tones are invaluable functions.

Now that I’ve moved to using the Sony A7s for video, I use Canon cameras less and less. However, I still vastly prefer shooting with the Canon 5D Mark III for photo than with the Sony A7II. Which is painful for me to say because I love the A7II.

Richard Harrington has put together a video series that goes through the specific functions of Magic Lantern on a Canon DSLR.

While this may be a bit basic for those well-versed in Magic Lantern, it’s a good reminder about all that can be accomplished with hacked Canon DSLR’s.

Using Magic Lantern on a Canon Camera

Via Rich Harrington:

This specific tutorial is from the Video Gear Weekly series presented by authors Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. The complete course is presented as a weekly series and offers reviews and tips on the latest video gear, from cameras like the Blackmagic 4K and GoPros to lighting, accessories, and adapters.

(cover photo credit: snap from Rich Harrington)

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