Hot new contender in the stock footage segment, Musicbed Launches Filmsupply

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In this first installment of our just-titled series “Embarrassment of Riches” we introduce you to new stock footage company Filmsupply, brought to you by the same people who created the wildly successful Music Bed.

Wow, have things changed.

Not that long ago, “stock” meant still photographs licensed through Getty Images – and that was pretty much it for years.

Fast forward past the arrival of Getty competitor Shutterstock and today we have an ever-growing selection of stock photo, music and film footage sites from which to choose.

It is incredible.

Daniel McCarthy has taken the rich filtering of his music licensing site The Music Bed and now applied it to stock footage at

In its use of sequences and its roots in music licensing, Filmsupply reminds us of Story & Heart, another group of people we like very much.

Where  they differ most, however, is in 1) Filmsupply’s focus on footage from name-brand talent like Hollywood ASC DP and planet5D bud Shane Hurlbut; and 2) Filmsupply’s more granular filtering – really, the sophistication of their meta-tagging.

Still, filmsupply is in beta and it will take time to iron out kinks and holes so that it rivals the richness and robustness of stalwarts like Shutterstock. This is a very normal process, and we’ve no doubt they’ll sort it – just be prepared: this is the nature of a beta.

When I searched for “business meeting” I got 81 pages of results – all beautiful — but the very first row included thumbnails of a rabbit and a gopher, not a suit, boardroom, nor airy loft in Brooklyn in sight. When I changed the search to “meeting” within the category of “business & industry” (still commercial only), there were only nine results and the closest sequence to a business meeting was entitled “Hacker Working in a Dark Room.” Yeah, not close.

When I searched for “smiling millennial,” the first of five pages of results included thumbnails of a grey-bearded guy with his dog in “Man and His Dog Ride in Truck” (again, beautiful), a “Little Boy Opening His Presents” and a monkey in “Nepal.” Entertaining, but…well, OK.

On the other hand, the categories of “aerials” and “timelapses” are wondrous and inspiring right out of the gate.

Don’t let the beta stop you from registering and pouring over the site.

I think it’s going to be great: just look at The Music Bed.

Hugh is the founder of Three Blind Men and An Elephant – a small production company with big animal logo – and the author of Apple’s iPhone: The Next Video Revolution. Follow him on Twitter (@hughbrownstone) or write to him at  

Revolutionizing Stock Footage

Step Aside Stock Sites – Musicbed Launches Filmsupply to License and Commission Footage From the World’s Most Visionary Filmmakers

Via Musicbed Press:

Exclusive, Highly Curated Library of Ready-Made Scenes in Full HD and 4K

FORT WORTH, Texas – September 1, 2015 – Musicbed, a global provider of premium music for the world’s leading filmmakers, TV producers, brands and agencies, today announced the launch of Filmsupply – a groundbreaking film footage licensing offering to complement Musicbed’s highly curated music library. Filmsupply offers thousands of beautiful Full HD (1080p) and 4K film clips from visionary filmmakers, including Shane Hurlbut, Philip Bloom and Salomon Ligthelm, for licensing by other filmmakers, TV producers, brands and agencies. Through its global network of more than 220 exclusive and hand-picked contributors, Filmsupply will also facilitate the creation of custom footage, giving customers the opportunity to quickly get any clip they can imagine, from anywhere in the world.

“For years, film directors and producers have looked to Musicbed for quality music to help tell their stories, while also supporting great musicians,” said Daniel McCarthy, founder and CEO of Musicbed and Filmsupply. “We are launching Filmsupply to further connect and serve our community of filmmakers, giving them a way to monetize hours and hours of amazing footage that was previously left on the cutting room floor.”

With highly curated and cohesive collections of ready-made scenes arranged by filmmaker, Filmsupply raises the quality bar set by stock sites where users search through an endless number of clips that are mostly shot by photographers and videographers. Filmsupply’s contributors include celebrated and award-winning cinematographers and more than 75 percent of the site’s footage is available in 4K.

“No matter where you insert it, stock will always look like stock,” said world-renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC. “With Filmsupply, you don’t have to sort through low quality content because they have pre-screened it to give you the best.”

Just as it has built upon Musicbed, Filmsupply will continue to expand its collections from top filmmakers and add new, helpful features to serve its customers.

All Filmsupply content is rights-managed and all files and contributors are exclusive to the site. Filmmakers interested in become a contributor to Filmsupply can learn more and submit their video catalog for consideration at

About Musicbed & Filmsupply
Musicbed and Filmsupply exist to deliver high-quality licensed music and film content to top filmmakers, brands and agencies around the world. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with satellite offices in Nashville and Los Angles, the sites have served more than 170,000 customers, including entertainment powerhouses like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, MTV, CBS, FOX, and ESPN, as well as the world’s top brands like Nike, Samsung, Google, Nikon, Xbox, Lexus, Lamborghini, Verizon and The Home Depot.

Since launching in 2011 with only 35 musicians, Musicbed now represents more than 600 musicians, with the company meticulously approving only one percent of music submissions. With an unrivaled search experience and world-class customer service and custom licensing teams, Musicbed has enabled musicians to continue doing what they love while providing customers with an inspiring selection of music to license for their projects.

Learn more at

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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