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New Industry News section for planet5D

Ok, so it isn’t “new” – we’ve just moved services and put the page on planet5D’s server, but I know you’ll not only want to visit but contribute!


We often find news all over the web that would be interesting for you as filmmakers and photographers… and we know you want “curated” news – a place where you see only stuff that is of value (not all the other junk).

Sometimes, that news is significant and we end up writing about it in the blog section – but other times, that news is something we know you will want to read, but maybe isn’t going in the blog.

So the curated news is a place for you to find SIGNIFICANT VALUABLE news stories without having to surf the web looking for them.

Oh – and don’t forget we have the HEADLINE NEWS – which shows you stories from a whole ton of important sites in our industry.

Where is it?

Well, it is right there in our new menu structure that's where!

industry news headlines

Contribute your news!

And, we also know (because you send us stories all the time) that you’re finding things we may not have seen.

So there’s a link at the top of the page (just below the video) that allows YOU to add a news story!

We know you want to share with the rest of the world when you find something that others of like minds will enjoy, so please feel free to join the planet5D family and contribute to the new curated news

Let me know your thoughts below as well! Like it? Hate it? That’s ok, let me know how you feel please. I can take it!

Sharing Awesome News to Our planet5D Readers


Contribute news to planet5D! Learn how! The page is here:

planetMitch talks about a new snap news section to present DSLR news on planet5D and how you can contribute in sharing awesome news you find online

Get Your Curated DSLR News From Around the Planet and Contribute Your News

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