After HUGE Beta Launch, MUSE Re-Opens for Very Limited Time #filmmaking #training

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I'm sure many of you saw the @stillmotion beta launch of their MUSE training a few months ago – and some of you missed getting in.

The good news is that they've had amazing response from the 1000 or so students that made it in and they've opened another 500 seats (tho you can see from the notes below that 1/2 were already taken from the standby list).

Plus, for the next day or so, you can get an additional discount with the unique planet5D code “Planet5dMuse” for $25 off registration. Capitals on the P and M. Expires Wednesday at midnight PST so act QUICKLY!

We highly recommend this course and our understanding is the price will go up early next year when it comes out of beta. Of course, we'll let you know when that happens, but if you want in now, it is your last chance this year.

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Here are some notes from Patrick and the @stillmotion team:

  • When Muse opened in June, 1,000 people signed up in a week. Stillmotion then took time to listen to their feedback, do additional research, and then took the opportunity to make a number of updates and developments.
  • Stillmotion is opening the second phase of the Muse Pilot Program on Muse on Monday, September 21.
  • Only the first 500 people get in. After allowing those on the waiting list to reserve their spots, only half of the these seats remain. You’ll get 24 months of access to everything Muse.
  • Muse is expanding in quite a few ways:
    • Guided Challenges. A way to practice all the core storytelling concepts, one challenge for each Pillar of story, and then get personalized feedback when you do.
    • Muser Community. The biggest thing those inside the course wanted was a way to connect with other Musers, people who shared the same language and had the same understanding of story. We’ve custom developed a forum that is integrated throughout the course as a way to discuss and connect with others Musers globally.
    • New Content. A handful of meticulously crafted tutorials are also being added. New videos about the importance of Listening in storytelling (and how to do it better), the history of story, the 6 Essential Plot Points, and more.


What some leading authors have to say about Muse process:

It’s brilliant. Each step of the Muse process guides you to finding a great story without curbing the creativity and authenticity each unique human being brings to the process.”

– Annette Simmons, Author of The Story Factorand Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins

“…Stillmotion and their MUSE Storytelling process…are the best at uncovering and telling intentional stories that absolutely must be told. Can't recommend them highly enough.”

– Carolyn Tate, Author of Conscious Marketing, Director of

Muser Testimonial:

“I loved MUSE so much that I signed up the other two girls on my staff to the online MUSE program. We set a goal to go through the whole program over an 8 week period.
We did it, they loved it, and we finished it last week. Now as fate would have it, we were approached to pitch a story this week. And its a huge opportunity for us. If we get it, I will be heading to Ethiopia to tell an incredible story for our client.

Yep, we finished the online course last week and we had an opportunity to pitch on how we would tell a client's story this week.
So, we locked the door, turned off phones, closed emails and dug in.

We spent an entire day doing research, going through the People, Place, Purpose, Plot and developing the whole story out. Then we took a day to put it all together for the client.

We went in today and presented to the client and it was received with absolute praise for the work.

I have to say, I couldn’t have done it without you.

The MUSE process gave us the systematic approach that we needed. It set us up for absolute success and allowed us to guide the client through from beginning to end and show them our rationale for why we made the creative decisions we prepared.

They loved it.

I wish you guys every success.

I’ve attached a couple of shots from our work just to show you that we’ve taken this whole thing really seriously and it’s dramatically changed our entire approach to taking on client project and telling amazing stories.

Absolutely amazing!

-Peter Hynes, Director at FilmTime in Melbourne, Australia

*Muse Update - Notes - Google Docs

*Muse Update - Notes - Google Docs-1

(cover photo credit: snap from the MUSE materials)

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