4k Video on the iPhone 6s? Bitchin Cool or STUPID?

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I'm watching today's Apple announcements… thought i'd blog about it.

Below are my thoughts as I was watching… but the big thing for planet5D readers is the announcement of 4k video on the new iPhone 6s – and of course 12mp stills. 

Our Hugh Brownstone hit the 4k video on the head with his new #1 best seller in the cinematography category on Amazon with the ebook “”Apple’s iPhone: The Next Video Revolution” – which you can GET FOR FREE RIGHT HERE ON planet5D!

The demos they showed were impressive – seems to have quite a bit of dynamic range for 4k video on a smartphone. Tho I did see some moire in the bricks – but maybe that was due to video compression in the stream?

iPhone 6s - Apple 2015-09-09 14-47-29

They talked a lot about the new sensor and how cool 4k video is, but will you have enough space? There probably is a lot of compression right? We'll have to see once they release more info and samples.

But, let's not forget, there have been feature films shot in HD on the iPhone, so 4k video should be pretty cool and will undoubtably spawn some new movies as well.

I'm pretty excited about the Apple TV idea… and I want to leave Uverse behind soon. But will I be able to do that? the thing I really use uverse for is the DVR and watching on demand. And most services that play shows later have lots of commercials. I skip lots of commercials on my DVR.

the question really becomes paying $10/month for HULU and $7.99 for Netflix for example vs the $75 a month I’m paying to DVR stuff and skip commercials. Is it worth that extra to have live TV? I rarely watch it – tho I do watch some DVR'd soccer from the UK (I know… it is “football” LOL).

I'd love to know what you've done to dump your cable provider in the comments.

Oh, and tell me what you think of the 4k video in the iPhone too please :)

My notes from the Apple presentation:

I still don't have an Apple Watch, but Apple is making it very appealing! I was going to start smartWatchPlanet.com but never made it happen.

New iPad Pro – 12.9″ screen and same weight as original iPad 1

  • new iPad chip sounds great – can't wait to see how fast it is. Desktop class performance? The charts are very impressive. The last iPad I owned was the iPad 2 and I just sold it on eBay. Wasn't using it much.
  • faster than 80% of portable PCs shipped in the last 12 months
  • iMovie can edit 3 streams of 4k video? Wow
  • new classes of apps – Autocad running on an iPad?
  • 10 hour battery life too? We'll see!
  • 4 speaker audio too. Very interesting. 3x audio volume makes sense.
  • Put a keyboard with it and maybe it would be killer… but wait, it sounds like he's talking about adding a keyboard… yes!
  • Smart Keyboard! New connector technology! Power and data and magnetic.
  • Oh Steve is rolling over – they've added a Pencil for the iPad! He said they'd not do that because the finger was perfect
  • i had given up on my iPad 2 because it wasn't all that useful… but now a keyboard and a pencil? May be the perfect travel laptop!
  • Artists should love this new pencil
  • Microsoft on stage demoing with new iPad Pro… unnerving! LOL
  • Adobe apps looking impressive as well
  • Big question is where are you storing all these images?
  • Ok, second big question is price!
  • $799 with 32gb /$949 with 128gb  / $1079 with 128gb and cellular access
  • Pencil – $99 – keyboard $199 – way too expensive
  • Available November

New Apple TV

  • I'm very excited to see what they say here – I'm ready to ditch uVerse TV!
  • Future of TV is apps Tim says
  • Intro looks sexy :)
  • The scrubbing in the demos is great – and the “what did she say” and turning on the subtitles briefly is awesome!
  • Siri search and filtering also looks amazing
  • Guess I won't be dropping netflix – no sign of amazon prime here
  • Siri support looks great – swiping with remote and talking to siri seem pretty seamless
  • Access to existing content
  • new TVOS based on iOS – so many apps will work
  • new apps from netflix and hbo etc
  • games from iOS can play too – but will they charge us extra?
  • Can do shopping too – new apps will let you do shopping and more
  • But what about live TV? Or major channels?
  • Full HD and 60fps for the video side.
  • MLBTV can do multiple games
  • Universal apps will play on iPhone and Apple TV
  • remote can turn on tv and control volume – lightening connector for charging
  • $149 w 32gb/$199 w 64gb
  • tvOS available for developers today
  • available late October

iPhone updates

  • iPhone of course is better than everything else – high stats
  • how do you follow the iPhone 6? :)
  • 3d touch – new touch system – peek and pop are added to the way you interact. Impressive but might not be enough to get me to upgrade
  • the description of the technology behind force touch (3d) is very impressive. Detecting micro changes in the pressure on the screen
  • Ok, more they demo this 3d touch, the more interesting it looks – time savings!
  • The new processing in the chip is amazing – the game demo was very very busy and handles a lot of CPU processing
  • iPhone 6s does have 4k video and 12mp still camera — more pixels but they've not added more until they were able to make the sensor very high quality.
  • Clever to use the phone screen as a flash with the front facing camera
  • New “live photos” — “entirely new technology” – don't some other phones do that?
  • Still photos – not video – extend capture 1.5 seconds before and after – says it doesn't take a lot more space
  • Live photos applied across all devices
  • New Android app to help android users bring over their data :)
  • new iPhone purchase program at $32/month = $384/year! That's not cheap just to be able to get a new phone every year.
  • new iCloud pricing is 1/2 what it was

They're spending big bucks on getting superstars for the commercials – Apple has the money.

Apple has done some great things with their pricing – like giving updates for iOS and OS X away for free, but man, they could still lower some prices for things and still make a boatload of money. Keyboard for iPad at $199? really? Why not $99. The pencil should be $49 and they'd sell a ton.

Overall some great updates and I'll be excited to try out that new Apple TV :)

so, what do you think? Are you buying into any of these?

How have you dumped your current TV provider?

(cover photo credit: snap from Apple)


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  1. Did you notice how they were using the styles aka apple pencil? In mid air like a painter! If it’s not smart enough to allow you to rest your hand on the screen whilst writing / drawing etc, not sure how useful it will be to most.

  2. TheFactory sorry, but you’ve missed something. Watch the Jonny Ive video about the pencil and you’ll see the pencil is def. touching the iPad – as well as the artist’s hand – both intentionally using finger and pencil as well as resting.

  3. planetMitch TheFactory My bad. Towards the end of the video you can see it. Still looks a bit odd the way they are using it. Like they are scared to touch it! 

    Might be good for editing if someone comes up with a well integrated app for FCP / Adobe etc.

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