Worried About the Camera Breaking Loose During that Awesome Chase Scene?

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In our latest installment of “This is Sick (in a Good Way)” we re-introduce you to RigWheels and their new vehicle mount for 3-axis gimbals, the RigMountXL.

Ever find yourself ignoring a company because you haven’t heard of it or because the name just doesn’t do it for you?


Sorry, RigWheels – I owe you an apology.

The RigMountXL does indeed seem an excellent device for getting butter-smooth, gimbal-based shots from moving vehicles with peace of mind at a reasonable price.

But even more importantly (from my perspective, though I am usually a statistical outlier), your philosophy of economy and flexibility presented in your Welcome video makes me want to buy from you, even though I don’t know you.

Weird, right?

Maybe not: in an era when we suffer from an embarrassment of choice in gear, it seems to me that our buying decisions – all else being equal — increasingly will be informed by who we want to do business with (yeah, awkward sentence and you’re not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition, sorry, but at least I didn’t split my infinitive).

To learn more about RigWheels and see their welcome video, visit www.rigwheels.com

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RigMount XL Brushless Gimbal Mount

RigMount XL Splash

Via RigWheels:

RigMount XL is a robust mounting platform designed for mounting brushless gimbals. This configuration builds on the popularity of our RigMount X magnetic mount. Brushless gimbals have quickly become a regular part of on-location production and the RigMount XL provides a quick and secure way to get dynamic shots from vehicles. camera gimbal mount

The RigMount XL provides a wide “stance” which is ideal for the higher center of gravity associated when mounting a gimbal. The wider stance also helps distribute the weight of the gimbal and camera over a greater area so flex in body-panels is not an issue. This wider stance is also ideal for mounting larger camera rigs without a gimbal. Parts are precision machined from 6061 aluminum and machined to a tolerance of .001″.

A gimbal mounting adapter plate is not included with this configuration. Depending on the type of gimbal you have different mounting adapters are available. RigWheels is making a mounting adapter for the Ronin M that will be available in September available pre-order here.


As will all RigWheels products, there are many different ways you can configure components depending on the shot you’re trying to get and the surface you’re mounting to. The RigMount XL shares some of the same components with our other mounting and dolly products so if you already own a system you may be able to upgrade to this configuration and vise versa, if you purchase this mount you will have the ability to upgrade to add more functionality.

Learn more about RigMount XL Brushless Gimbal Mount Here.

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