Why Filmmakers Should Study Bad Movies

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I generally don’t watch comedies, but I do watch bad movies. In fact, I think that there are a large number of filmmakers out there that get more enjoyment out of watching bad films than they do good ones. This is generally because the misfires and failures of the filmmakers can result in some of the funnier things caught on film. Mystery Science Theater, Troll 2 and The Room are great examples of bad films turned into fantastic success.

While I just enjoy watching bad films, Darious Britt from the YouTube channel D4Darious goes a long way in explaining why watching bad films may actually make you a better filmmaker. That may sound a bit counterintuitive, but I can almost guarantee you that by the end you’ll agree with him on at least some level.

The most valuable thing that you can take away from watching a bad film as opposed to a very well executed one is being able to see all of those mistakes right upfront. Well made films generally hide their failures behind other elements that were done well. Poorly made films don’t have that luxury.

Regardless of what you can learn from a film or not, it’s important to remember that most films are worth the watch. Don’t turn away from a movie simply because it’s not, “good.” If you can’t branch beyond your specific genres, you won’t be able to take your own craft to the next level.

Why Filmmakers Should Study Bad Movies

Via D4Darious Youtube Channel:

Tips for beginner filmmakers. We discuss the benefits of studying bad movies.

0:56 Easier to spot issues
1:20 Helps you breakdown good films
1:39 Lessons tend to stick
1:48 Spotting cliche dialogue
1:53 Help spot issues in fellow filmmakers work
2:13 Entertaining to watch
2:27 Reinforces screenwriting/storytelling guidelines
3:45 My experience

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