Sony a7RII Autofocus with Canon Lenses Is Blazing Fast in New Early Footage

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The Sony a7RII. Ahh, yes. The camera that seems to have absolutely everything the solo photographer/videographer might need and indeed is looking to change the world’s opinion of mirrorless cameras.

In many ways what Sony did with the a7RII has already been done, pre-release.

What is that?

They’ve shown how they can stuff all of these powerhouse features into an incredibly small, and easy to handle body. In addition, they’ve shown how generous they are with the groundbreaking features that many other camera manufacturers (Canon) have been hesitant to deal out.

As you can see, I have at least one foot on this bandwagon.

I’m not going to lie though, after the initial excitement of the release, I’ve been brought back to reality in many ways. The footage released by Dan at the Learning Camera’s Youtube Channel has brought the positives and negatives into better perspective.

First of all, the footage is incredibly sharp. Too sharp for me. A little bit video looking. But it’s most definitely possible to alter that in your settings.

Also, the amazing dynamic range that I can capture with my a7S seems somewhat lost in the raw footage that I’ve seen. Perhaps that will change or is just a result of the decisions made while shooting. I didn’t start truly loving the a7s until I customized my picture profiles to best harness the elements that I wanted, so that could easily play a role.

All of this being said, one of the more amazing things about this camera is the autofocus capabilities. Mirrorless cameras, up to this point have been somewhat lackluster in that department, but the a7RII from the beginning boasted AF capabilities even when using an adapter. This is confirmed yet again by Dan from the Learning Camera’s Youtube channel.

For now, it’s best to temper expectations until we can receive more fully comprehensive tests of the camera. Keep a couple toes on the bandwagon though. I am.

Videos from Youtube Channel:

Sony a7RII Sample Footage in 4k and full resolution jpeg + RAW available to download

Check out some amazing footage I have been shooting with the Sony a7R II. The footage shows a variety of no picture profile, slog2, full frame, and super 35. Keep up with me on facebook for the sample images on the way:
Shot with the Sony fe 24-70 f4 oss, Sony FE 55mm f1.8, Sony FE 90mm f2.8 Macro

Sony a7RII AF test with Canon lenses

This was the first feature I had to test. Could the a7r II really focus using Canon lenses with the speed and accuracy of native lenses? If so, this is game changing so check out the video to find out and stay tuned for the full a7rII review and comparison with the Canon 5D Mark III. This video was shot with the Canon 5D Mark III.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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