KeyFlow Pro Plus FCPX Agent Brings Media Asset Management to Solo Moviemakers & Small Workgroups

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Malgn Technology has released KeyFlow Pro, a user-friendly, shareable media asset management software product for individuals and workgroups, via Apple’s App Store. At USD299.00, KeyFlow Pro is not cheap but the savings that usually come from screw-ups and lost time due to not having such a product should more than make up for that. KeyFlow Pro was first previewed in June this year by workflow expert Matt Geller at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group.

Since the demise of Final Cut Server, the Final Cut world has been almost completely silent on the issue of media asset management (MAM) systems. Digital asset management (DAM) is an alternative name for the same thing. 

Successfully managing digital media assets is a problem for more than only FCPX users – agencies where I have worked have faced the same problem and failed to solve it with off-the-shelf solutions, often turning to enterprise-class software that needed costly, time-consuming customization before it was usable. What hope then for indie moviemakers and small workgroups consisting of they and their collaborators?

Luckily a Korean software maker has come to the rescue with the benefit of FCPX’s plug-in architecture and the renewed interest in Apple’s very contemporary NLE for bigger, more ambitious projects including TV series and major motion pictures as well as indie documentaries, TV commercials and other small projects.

Malgn Technology recently released version 1 of KeyFlow Pro for sale via the App Store and, without trying it out yet, it looks like a winner. And it is not just for use with Final Cut Pro – the product’s website’s front page lists other creative software like Keynote, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and more as being usable with KeyFlow Pro via drag-and-drop.

KeyFlow Pro Introduction


I would have loved KeyFlow Pro when I was working in agencies! So many headaches may well have been eliminated.

The folks at Malgn have done a great job explaining KeyFlow Pro’s benefits and features at their tutorials and FAQ pages and I recommend watching Michael Horton’s video of Mr Geller’s June 6 pre-release presentation on KeyFlow Pro.

The most exciting aspect of KeyFlow Pro for me? That it recognises and effectively handles the fact that, like most solo operators and small workgroups, I cannot afford one lovely, massive hardware media server set-up like I have seen in post-production companies but must rely on a collection of many and various HDDs and SSDs and other storage media scattered all over my workroom and mostly not permanently connected to my editing workstation. Major kudos to Malgn Technology for that alone.

Meanwhile here is a list of KeyFlow Pro’s key features, derived from its App Store page:

  • Native All Media Types Support – KeyFlow Pro supports almost all kinds of video, audio, image, documents and extras. (including Keynote, Pages, Numbers and iBooks files).
  • Selectable Import Options – You can choose either ‘Copy to library’ or ‘Leave files in place’ when you import media files.
  • Finder Tags Integration – You will be able to see the same Tags in the KeyFlow Pro and Finder.
  • Apple Maps Integration – Displays assets with location information in the Map view mode.
  • Low-Res Video for Preview – The fastest H.264 transcoder for preview embedded.
  • Searching on Path Name for Source File – You can search and preview files with the path name even when the hard drive is offline.
  • Custom Metadata Set – You can configure custom metadata set with user-defined metadata field easily.
  • User-Defined & Automatic Workflow – You can assign workflows to specific project(automated job process), or apply a workflow to the asset selected anytime.
  • Watch Folder – Automatically import files to specified projects in KeyFlow Pro library using Watch Folder.
  • Camera Device Auto-Detection – When you connect the camera device (e.g., iOS devices), it will automatically shown in KeyFlow Pro.
  • Drag & Drop to Other Applications – Drag and Drop media files directly from KeyFlow Pro to other applications.
  • FCPX Agent for KeyFlow Pro (Optional) – Inside Final Cut Pro X, you can export media files directly using FCPX Agent we provide separately.
  • Share Libraries with Coworkers – The remote users can search, preview and download the files on your shared library.

First seen at: KeyFlow Pro the $299 Media Asset Manager with Final Cut Pro X integration [bctt tweet=”KeyFlow Pro brings media asset management to solo moviemakers & small workgroups.”]


Matt Geller Debuts Key Flow Pro

KeyFlow Pro

Via KeyFlow Pro:

Sharable Personal Media Asset Management

Introducing KeyFlow Pro, a simple, but powerful media asset management software for personal users and small workgroups.

KeyFlow Pro makes using, organizing, managing, and sharing your large library of media files incredibly easy.

For the first time, KeyFlow Pro has been specifically designed to deliver extensive functionality to users, at a reasonable price.

As creative professionals, you should have a lot of media assets such as video, audio, and image files which need to be managed efficiently. Probably you have one big storage volume or many number of external HDDs for your workspace.

KeyFlow Pro helps you keep all the asset online and search what you need quickly, and share the assets with your coworkers incredibly easy.

Learn more about KeyFlow Pro.

KeyFlow Pro FCPX integration JPG

Integration with Final Cut Pro X
FCPX Agent (optional) provides seamless workflow between KeyFlow Pro and Final Cut Pro X. You can export individual clips or an entire timeline directly from FCPX Agent within Final Cut Pro X. Also FCPX Agent supports the Tags integration feature between Final Cut Pro and KeyFlow Pro. KeyFlow Pro integrated an export mechanism directly into Final Cut Pro so your assets can be stored, managed, and shared centrally.

Learn more about this Integration with Final Cut Pro X Here.

(cover photo credit: snap from KeyFlow Pro)

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