Fisherman Hooks Drone, for Real

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A week ago, the internet was abuzz about a guy in Kentucky who downed his neighbor’s drone with a shotgun blast. This week, it’s a guy in California who tried to do the same thing with a fishing rod. It’s kind of funny, but also…not so much. Is it even real? 

One of us thought this was funny, one of us was bothered by it.

Drones are incredible filmmaking tools, but there’s also no doubt that they can be invasive. Where’s the line, and what is a reasonable set of responses?

Or, to put it differently as click bait,

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Highly accurate fisherman hooks a drone midflight

Via Mashable:

Tice Ledbetter was flying his drone over the pier at Pacific Beach, San Diego when he got a little too close to a group of men fishing.

After noticing their airborne spectator, one of the men cast his line and hooked the drone in one spectacular, long distance shot. Although he didn't seem able to reel it in, footage from after the encounter shows a length of fishing line being unwound from what appears to be a quadcopter.

Here's a video of what the drone was trying to film before it got snagged.

Crystal Pier 4K

Read full article at Mashable “Highly accurate fisherman hooks a drone midflight”

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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