Whoa: Sony FS700 Body with Metabones Adapter for $4,999?

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Yeah, I should have posted this a month ago because the Sony NEX-FS700R [B&H | Amazon] is a stonkin’ feature-jammed cam that can even do 4K, now priced less than a Canon C100 Mk II, let alone a Canon C300 Mk II or the newer Sony FS7 [B&H | Amazon].  My bad.

This is all a little bit nuts, really. The Brits would call it “spoilt for choice.” I call it “the candy store is open.”

What else COULD you call it when Sony has announced the a7r II for $3,200 [B&H | Amazon]; Blackmagic has announced the URSA Mini starting at $2,995 (though to be fair, there’s no viewfinder in that price); and now Sony has dropped the price again on the FS700, a 4K- capable, true camcorder form factor with internal neutral density filters; full HD frame rates up to 240 fps; timecode; and two XLR jacks with phantom power (OK, it’s missing some other things, but…SERIOUSLY?)?

Then again, it could all be a little overwhelming.

I really love what Sony is doing these days.


The Sony FS700 Price Has Dropped to $5,000

The Sony FS700 Price Has Dropped


Via No Film School:

Coming almost a year after the price dropped to $6K, we've got another $1,000 cut, bringing Sony's FS700 to down to $5,000. While you might see the FS7 as a better value with its internal 4K, it does start at $8K, which may or may not be just above your budget, especially when you build out a kit for that particular camera. That's not the only deal on the FS700, we've also got the 18-200mm kit lens version which is now down to $5,600. Here's a look at the two options for purchasing a new FS700:

sony fs700 body only

sony fs700 with 18-200

Read full article at No Film School “The Sony FS700 Price Has Dropped to $5,000”

(cover photo credit: snap from No Film School)


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