What’s Ups with LUTs: On-location Work Flow

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Vitec Group (parent company of Teradek and smallHD, among others) and Onyx Cinema meld humor with solid information to build educated, brand-favorable prospects.

Sorry, I had to write something deeper than “hey, watch these two vids because they’re really entertaining and informative” (which they are).

And it’s impressive how they do it.

If you don’t know LUTs from your elbow – or you do and are trying to figure out on-location workflow to take advantage of them — take a look at these two vids. They demystify what LUTs are and offer an easily understood set of options for using them on set.

Well done!

LUT's Up in Da House? | Episode 1 // “LUT-able” Teradek and SmallHD Gear | Intro and Overview

Episode 1: Onyx Cinema gives us the 101 on LUTs and onset color workflow.
Featuring a few LUT-packed tools including Film Convert SmallHD and Teradek.

LUT's Up in Da House? | Episode 2 // “LUT-able” Teradek & SmallHD Gear | Custom LUTs

Episode 2: Onyx Cinema's LUT exploration takes an in-depth look at the tools to master on-set color workflow.

Featuring Pomfort ‪#‎LiveGrade‬, Film Convert, SmallHD 502 & DP7 and Teradek Bolt.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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