The “It’s About the Gear, It’s Not About the Gear” Thing? Watch This.

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A behind the scenes look at the making of Air New Zealand’s “Winter Transition” (see it below) spot proves that skill applied to gear is the killer combination.

Sure, it’s another opportunity to give Air New Zealand more exposure, and yeah, it’s all about Syrp’s gear, really – but it’s all good. We really like the Syrp guys, and this BTS short really does make the point that skill trumps all, but skill applied to sophisticated gear trumps even that (is this a bit like “infinity plus one”?).

Cable cam runs with a Genie [B&H | Amazon] mounted on the top and a Genie Mini mounted on the bottom of Syrp’s not-yet-shipping Slingshot cable carriage; stacked Genies on a Syrp Magic Carpet Long Track [B&H | Amazon]; a solar-powered feed to one of the cameras; dual operator 3-axis gimbal; and — among many other bits and bobs including Canon DSLRs [B&H | Amazon], polarizers, and weather-proof housing, a sphincter-clenching climb up a ski lift tower — all contribute to footage which obviously made the client very, very happy.

Of course, there’s even more happening in post, and it looks like Syrp honcho Ben Ryan himself was on the shoot.

So which fact tells you you’re watching a candy store? The gear, or the crew that knows what to do with it? Or is it both?

The Making of our ‘Winter Transition' video

Here's the original movie btw:

Winter transition ‘Full edit’

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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