Resolve 12: Now It’s a Full-Blown NLE Just “Days Away” From Release

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In part 2 of our series from the Blackmagic Design NYC event last week,  we visit with Jason Druss, product specialist for the upcoming Resolve 12 (the interview with Dan May, President Blackmagic USA — mostly about the URSA Mini — is covered separately). We’re excited for them, and are actually pondering a switch in our kit.

I don’t know about you, but for me Blackmagic has always been a really cool name with frighteningly complex and arcane, high-end Hollywood-y stuff. I’ve felt like Billy Mummy’s character in Lost in Space, my intuition waving its arms wildly like The Robot warning me to stay away.

That fear started to diminish after I attended NAB 2015 in Las Vegas a few months ago: I was blown away by the specs and price point of Blackmagic Design’s URSA Mini.

But Resolve?

DANGER, Will Robinson, DANGER!

I refused to go near it.

After this week’s visit in NYC, I’m rethinking my fear of Resolve.

Blackmagic NYC Resolve 12 Preview

Now it has to be said that when a real expert can work magic in seconds, it’s near-impossible to determine how much of that magic is the skill of the magician, and how much is the contraption he’s using. But in their audio alone, I knew enough to be really, really impressed.

And green screen, holy smokes.

In fact, Jason took us through

  • 3D keyer;
  • 3D perspective tracker;
  • new key framing;
  • shot match;
  • clip mixer;
  • audio tools;
  • 3rd party integration;
  • multi-cam editing; and
  • custom transitions

Ship date? About now.

Jason was excellent. Good guy, too – like every Blackmagic person I've ever met.


I do have a suggestion for Blackmagic to get the word out to those of us in the DSLR/one-man band world thinking about moving up. Pick half a dozen use cases that guys using “the other” NLE’s find both important and vexing (Blackmagic to a man and woman are so consistently polite that they never compare themselves to other players) and do a video series lasting no more than 60 seconds each showing how Resolve sorts it.

Maybe you don’t label each episode something like “audio mixer.” Instead, maybe something like “You Know When You Get that Green Spill on Talent When Compositing? Sha-ZAM!” or “You Know How You Have to Exit Your NLE to Do Anything More than Rudimentary Audio? Ka-BAM!”

Just saying.

For more information, visit their web site

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I use it all the time since version 9, now i just installed version 12; but…. is far from a complete NLE, only takes some formats like raw or .mov, but need more power and work so we can use any format on it from SD to 4K in diferent flavors like any other Pro NLE in the market

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