Magic Lantern RAW 14-bit Yields Beautiful Short Film ENDLESS GRAVITY

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planet5D reader Alex Soloviev’s recipe for beautiful short films: Canon EOS 6D [B&H | Amazon], Magic Lantern RAW 14-bit, DaVinci Resolve, skill…and artistic vision.

Alex does beautiful work, full stop.

So – when you visit Vimeo to see ENDLESS GRAVITY, you may want to check out his other work as well.

Yet watching his work on Vimeo (anywhere on the net, really, and ANY person’s work) begs the question: if the web is where we’re going to view that work, do bandwidth and file size constraints that cause one to reduce resolution (he loaded this as 720p) and live with compression artifacts challenge the value of such a demanding work flow?

I don’t have an answer, though I suspect it is varied as the people who volunteer a point of view. But the question gnaws at me.

Endless Gravity // 14-BIT RAW

Via Vimeo Description:

Can watch at these ocean creatures endlessly. It's like a live cosmos, unbelievable smooth moves, eternity and meditation. No single VFX used, this is magical nature.

Magic Lantern RAW 14bit video.
Graded in Davinci Resolve.
Music by Astrpilot.
Poem by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1869.

PS: This is 720p (HD) version.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


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