Jurassic World: Losing an Appetite for Sequels

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I have this problem and my fiancé hates it. I am perhaps the least picky eater you’ll ever find. I will eat anything (within reason), and usually I like it. Here’s where the problem arises: She wants to make a dinner menu for the week. I can dig that. Money is tight and I Iove to cook. Here’s the issue. To really get good value, we have to cook large portions and save the leftovers for lunches.

I’m going to get real with you guys. I hate leftovers. Sounds like a joke, but if you ask her about it, she’ll tell you. I just don’t like ‘em.
You know why? It’s because it just never tastes the same. The noodles and tortillas get dry. The bread gets soggy. It’s either sitting in condensation roofed Styrofoam or soggy fiber material boxes and it’s just overall an underwhelming and unpleasant experience for me. You just can’t get me to enjoy the same thing twice for consecutive meals.

Look, I understand the backlash I’m going to get from this. I understand there are plenty of people out there who would love to have my food. This is why I don’t like large portions at restaurants. I just want a decent sized meal that I can finish and be on my way. I don’t want to have to take it home and have the pressure to eat the leftovers.

I sound angry, but this problem has followed me to other parts of my life. I don’t want the damn sequels. I love the fun action that I had with Transformers. I honestly dug it. The CGI was amazing, the sound design just blew me away and the acting and story was just decent enough to pull me all the way through. I liked it and I left the theater satisfied.


Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was fantastic and truly pushed the CGI industry. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow was truly an enlightened, hilarious performance and while I’m not a huge Depp fan, I was for at least 2 hours there. Don’t even get me started on the heartbeat of the entire film—the sound track.

But I bet you can guess what I didn’t want. I DON’T WANT THE SEQUELS.

I’m not even saying that the sequels aren’t good, but I’m just saying I’m not that kind of dude. I get bored. It becomes more of a hassle, knowing the story hasn’t truly ended.

I can actually accept that some directors, actors and studios out there have cooked up some great sequels. Lord of the Rings will always be held incredibly close to my heart. I was obsessed when they were coming out. Still am. Mad Max: Fury Road changed my entire idea of what a sequel could be. I’m still reeling from the first time I saw it.

It happens.

But you know what also happens? Spiderman. Spiderman happens and you’re left wondering when it will ever go away or become appetizing again. Jurassic World is the same way. I enjoyed my first viewing of it, but I’m left wondering, will I ever desire to experience that world again?

Look, I understand. There are kids in Africa that would love to see Jurassic World, and they’d be amazed by it. It’s not like I want to just throw them away all the time and never see them again. Sometimes sequels are a sign that the film was actually really great. Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are the perfect example.

I just don’t want to have to digest sequel after sequel. I think we could all do with a larger, more diverse menu and last I checked, the studios are serving up the same franchises for the next few years. That’s just not healthy.

My fiancé and I are exploring the idea of crockpot meals to solve this, “leftovers” problem. I’ll keep you updated.

Jurassic World


Charlie Jane Anders has written a great opinion piece for i09.com about the rise of sequels and why the popularity and success of Jurassic World might be a problem. While in the process of making several great points about Jurassic World and the state of film, he hits on a large issue we’re all suffering right now: Sequel Sickness.

I encourage you to read and comprehend what this could mean for the industry. Jokes aside, we’re faster descending towards a time in film with less originality than ever.

Jurassic World Is A Huge Mega-Hit, And That’s Terrible News For Movies

Via iO9:

Jurassic World is now on track to beat the box office records of both Avengers films, and it has a shot at beating Avatar. This is terrible, awful news for anybody who loves movies. Not because Jurassic World is a horrible movie—it’s actually pretty fun. But because this means a lot more pandering sequels.

I’m not going to run down everything that’s wrong with Jurassic World—check out our review, and our detailed spoilery FAQ.

In a nutshell, it has some fun dinosaur action, and director Colin Trevorrow clearly understands some of the mechanics of how to make a big monster movie that actually satisfies the audience. But the characters are weaksauce, the film panders heavily to fans of Jurassic Park, and the story is insultingly flimsy.

Jurassic World is better than Michael Bay’s Transformers sequels, but it borrows from their playbook quite a bit. Everything is built around topping the spectacle in the previous films—to the point where the movie actually comments on this explicitly, a whole bunch—and characters are painstakingly introduced with cliched “character traits” just so they can be thrown into the middle of set piece after set piece. The plot, complete with shadowy corporate maneuverings and loosey-goosey ideas about people and our place in the world, is overexposed and undercooked.

Read full article at iO9 “Jurassic World Is A Huge Mega-Hit, And That’s Terrible News For Movies”

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  1. I hear what you’re saying about sequels mucking up cinema.  After Age of Ultron I’m sick of comic book films for the first time and I feel like someone who has just snapped out of a clever hypnosis and is seeing the world a different way for the first time in a long time.  I don’t mind sequels if they’re done well.  Jurassic World is done well–not great, but well.  Pandering sequels and tentpole franchises are really making me sick and they’re choking out more intelligent cinema like Indy films and stuff like “The Imitation Game”.  When I heard that James Cameron (whom I think is the most brilliant filmmaker of our time) has written four sequels to Avatar and intends to make all of them I groaned out loud.  I don’t want an Avatar sequel.  The first one was brilliant (despite all the retread Dances With Wolves material) and one is all we need.  I’m with you about Transformers, too.  Loved the first one and felt like someone broke into my house and robbed me after the second and third one.  Sequels (in general) suck.  Originality would be nice and less mediocrity would be even better.  With you all the way, sir!

  2. Obviously you’ve never had left over Italian food. It’s even better than the first time around. But I get what you are saying about sequels. Although I would define the problem as more to do with the mentality behind the sequels. Is it driven by story or marketing? A good sequel is a continuation of the story as originally intended. Like you pointed out, Lord of the Rings. Everything else is just a money grab. “hey this was successful, so lets figure out how to bank on it.”

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