It happens only once every 5 years – the Canon Expo is on for 2015!

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Has it been 5 years since the last Canon Expo? Yup, it has and we're excited to say planet5D will be there!

I remember fondly the last Canon Expo (see below for some of those old posts) and cannot wait for this one!

This Canon Expo bumps right up against IBC over in Europe and is scheduled for September 10-11 in NYC.

You may be disappointed to learn that it is by invite only tho. And I don't know how you go about getting one (though I suspect they may not be too hard to get but you'll probably need to have a Canon contact who can get you in). But our invite is here and we'll be there!

We'll keep you updated with our coverage plans as time gets closer.

So what will Canon be showing off?

Last expo, we were treated to the “4k hairdryer” – does that bring back a smile to you?

Canon 4k video concept camera at the 2010 EXPO

Their goal is to show off NEW technology that isn't necessarily in current equipment so we will be excited to see what they're thinking about.

Last time we also saw 4k and 8k monitors that were incredible and ahead of their time. But heck 4k monitors are common place now and heck you can get them for $500.

So I'm excited to be able to share the experience of the 2015 Canon Expo… look for it in September!

Canon EXPO 2015 New York

Canon Expo 2015

Via Canon:

Canon is bringing together our most powerful products, most cutting-edge innovations and most inspirational ideas for one incredible exhibition. It’s a showcase of the ways we strive to improve the lives of all who interact with our brand. From homes to universities, businesses to hospitals, and stadiums to movie sets Canon EXPO 2015 New York is your rare chance to see impossible for yourself.

More Info on Canon Expo


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(cover photo credit: snap from Canon)

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