Free! For DaVinci Resolve: Amazing False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0 by TimeInPixels

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Self-described geek who loves art Tomasz Huczek has released version 1.0 of his False Color OpenFX plug-in for DaVinci Resolve, and it is a must-have. Even better, it is free and available for Mac and Windows.

False color monitoring has been available as a core feature in a number of popular brands of portable monitors and monitor/recorders for some years now as well as a few higher-end digital cinema cameras and camcorders.

It was inevitable that false color would eventually find its way into popular NLE and color grading software. Thank you, Mr Huczek, for doing so via a free plug-in. I hasten to add, though, that if readers want to support him in developing version 2.0 then he will gladly accept donations via a PayPal button on the plug-in's product page.

The benefits of using false color when grading are several:

  • Maintaining consist between-shot contrast and ratios.
  • Maintaining consistent look and feel throughout sequences.
  • Quickly checking key light to fill ratios.

I have noted that moviemakers new to color grading software often ask for tips on how to quickly and easily match shots. False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0 should aid them in doing that and help build confidence in using either version of Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve, full or lite.

 False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0 for DaVinci Resolve full and free versions.

Matching tones and tonal range between shots in a sequence is now easier with the free False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0 for Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve full and free versions.

As an OpenFX plug-in, False Color OpenFX Plugin can also be used in an NLE like Sony's Vegas product range and compositing and VFX software such as Nuke. Other OpenFX-based software like Blackmagic's Fusion may also be able to take advantage of the plug-in.

Mr Huczek states that version 2.0 will contain a long list of extra features, making False Color OpenFX Plugin even more useful.

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False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0

Unleash the power of False Color monitoring right in your color correction suite!

Via TimeInPixels:

False Color is a technique used in video cameras to map the exposure levels to a specific color ranges. The purpose of the false color is to identify the brightness levels and differences between them easily while still being able to see the source image outline.

False Color Plugin is written in OpenFX technology which means it will work with any software supporting OFX format. The plugin is is designed for DaVinci Resolve, but will work also on Sony Vegas as well as Nuke.

False Color Plugin can be dropped on any node within DaVinci Resolve, which means that the False Color overlay is visible in the main preview window (unlike other scopes built into DaVinci). It also means that the overlay can be zoomed in as well as applied on the timeline nodes to see the results on all the clips at once.

Download for FREE!

Read more about this at TimeInPixels “False Color OpenFX Plugin 1.0”


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