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If you look purely at volume, collaboration software is the hot item of Summer 2015. Just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve posted about multiple. Each one claims to eliminate steps from your workflow, giving you more time to just sit back and relax. Or if you’re not into that kind of thing, you can actually get more important things done. is software that can remove 10 steps from your client collaboration and communication. 10 steps?! That’s a massive advantage. It removes cloud storage such as DropBox and Google Drive from your workflow and replaces it with an extension that connects directly to your Final Cut Pro X timeline.

Wait. Final Cut Pro X? I could be wrong, but it seems as if FCP is on it’s way out while Adobe is on it’s way in. Could this bring more professional editors back to the NLE? I’m interested to see.

What claims to do certainly sounds very useful and could become an integral part of anyone’s workflow.

As an extension that’s loaded into FCPX, you can make a time selection on your timeline, then directly upload to sends out a notification to anyone attached to the project. From there, your clients or team members can make comments on the uploaded material.

Using this tool you skip exporting, and uploading to another cloud device. From there, you would have to share and e-mail with your clients or team members. If you’re using, this is entirely unnecessary now.

The greatest part of this software is its seamless integration with FCPX. The ability to just select portions of your timeline and go directly to will certainly turn heads. The problem is that it’s ONLY available with FCPX. is available for free on the Mac App Store.

First of all, how many of you out there use FCPX? How many use Adobe CC?

Finally, how many of you are considering a switch to FCP because of this increased functionality?

I am pretty dedicated to my Adobe workflow. It’ll be tough to get me to defect, especially after those Lumetri updates. – Seamless Integration With Final Cut Pro X Releases Integration With Final Cut Pro X

Editors can publish individual clips or entire timelines directly from FCP X

Via Press Release:

New York, NY (June 26, 2015) – ( released today a companion desktop app for OS X users that tightly integrates their video review, collaboration and sharing platform with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X software. Editors can now publish individual clips, or an entire timeline in full quality (ProRes 4444) or proxy (MP4) to Everyone in the project is then automatically notified and able to view previews of the timeline on the web, or download the full quality version.

Artists and editors can use's new FCP X companion app to:
• Quickly and easily publish an FCP X timeline for work in progress review
• Upload Digital Dailies with synced sound
• Share a full timeline or selected clips from a timeline with your team for vfx or color grading.

Features of the new companion app allow editors to:
• Use markers in FCP X to upload select clips
• Exclude clips that are disabled in the timeline
• Range-select a portion of the timeline to upload to
• Embed FCP X notes and keywords into clips, which are searchable from Spotlight

FCPX connects to image 1

“ is the best collaboration tool I have used. It helps me organize, communicate and solve story and creative issues in faster and more fluid ways,” said Michael Matzdorff, first AE of the recently released film, Focus and author of Final Cut Pro: Pro Workflow. “The companion app enables one-click publishing from Final Cut Pro X and streamlines crucial communication every step of the way.”

“ is an extremely elegant and intuitive environment that was built by artists, so it just works- the way artists expect it to”, said Emery Wells, CEO of “Our new seamless integration with Final Cut Pro X is another great example of why. Whether you’re uploading digital dailies with synced sound, or sharing media for VFX or color grading review, what used to take 10 steps now takes just one. Instantly select and publish whichever clips or timelines you choose- including the notes and keywords- with the ease and simplicity you expect from”

Collaboration in is as easy as it is powerful- because it’s built for teams, offering the ability to create a private workspace for each project on the docket and decide who has access to what. Every action performed is tied to an individual user and tracked so project participants receive notifications about what’s happening in the project.

Pricing and availability
The companion app for Final Cut Pro X users is available for free on the Mac App Store. For more information please visit

About is designed to replace the hodgepodge of Dropbox for file sharing, Vimeo for video review, and e-mail for communication. was developed by people who love creating content, but not the process for creating it. We are filmmakers, VFX artists and post production pros who realized there must be a better way. is all about what happens before distribution. Before you reach the finish line. We want to make getting there faster, smoother, and more efficient. For more information, please visit

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  1. I signed up to 2 weeks ago, and already it’s made a huge difference to my workflow. I too laughed at the FCPX integration, but they replied with “Premiere integration is in the works”, so that’s better for me.
    Honestly, the free service is enough to get a project underway, but I’ve appreciated it so much I’ve subscribed at the starter level to work with two other clients. Can’t recommend them enough!

  2. It does look cool, but I’m also not going to disrupt the workflow of myself and my 6 collaborators to switch to FCP X for this convenience. I’m glad to hear they’re working on Premiere integration and will excitedly try it when it’s available.

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