Farmerswife: The Organizational Tool to Help You Focus on the Important Stuff

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There are a plethora of organizational tools that all of us use to communicate with clients and keep our data and information in order. Personally, I’m using multiple different programs to store all of my information. This is a decent method, but it can lead to lots of confusion as you have to be mindful of many different programs all at once.

Farmerswife is an organizational tool that attempts to combine all of your production company’s elements into one functional tool and in many ways, it looks as if it succeeds. They also claim to have the customer service to back it up.

The day after I downloaded the demo of the product, I received an e-mail from the Managing Director asking if I had any questions or needed anything– he also offered an online demonstration of the product with one of the project managers. Service like that is the X-Factor that gets a lot of people to more heavily consider switching.

My personal favorite component of this software is the ability to track your budgets and money. You can create and monitor your quotes and invoices and use real-time cost analysis to accurately charge your clients.

Tools like this may feel not worth the money to small freelancers, but the busier you get the more it becomes vital. Further, let’s not forget that professionalism attracts new clients. Farmerswife is the type of tool that helps your clients feel more confident in your services.

About farmerswife

Via farmerswife:

farmerswife can be thought of as a very large toolbox. Each of our clients has a different requirement or set of tasks to accomplish, but can reach into the toolbox and easily create the workflow to best suit them.

Designed for flexible use across the media industry.
Be part of a diverse global client base including post, production, rental, broadcast, agency & education.

Scalable for any size of company.
Used globally by professionals, small boutiques and multi site media groups.

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Simple to Use and Learn. Strong visual interface with drag & drop operations that solves the complexity of scheduling. Clear timelines and calendars help you to organize your assets, people and resources.

Choose your interface.
Whether you are Director of Finance, Production Manager or Freelancer, setup your user defined views to access only the data that matters to you.

From quote to invoice. Sophisticated tools to capture, monitor & report projects cost. Instantly and accurately.

Time reporting, labour rules, vacations, sick days. Know where your people are and what they are working on. Get a live overview and maximize the investment in your team at a glance in the Long Form. Generate reports at your command.

Access and manage your business from Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, iOS or mobile web client.

Support is King.
Highly experienced support and training resources available to advise and assist.

Learn more about farmerswife Here.

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Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy

Bret Hoy is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Mainly focused on documentary and experimental film, he has produced, directed, shot and edited many short films and a few long form works.

He shoots a lot and often.
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  1. One thing frustrates me about something like this… why the hell don’t they mention pricing on their site???? you have to ask for a quote? Hell no. Give me a rough idea what it is going to cost before I contact you please. Otherwise, I’m off looking for other tools.

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