4 Free After Effects Templates to Take Your Work to the Next Level!

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One of the main details that can truly set your final videos and deliverables apart from the rest of the pack are your motion graphics. Motion graphics that help you tell a story and communicate information better add quite a bit of flare to your videos and you can be sure that every client you take on is looking for them.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to save a great deal of time and just buy After Effects templates online. Before you go and spend some money though, check out these 4 Free After Effects Templates that you can download from RocketStock.com.

Each template allows you to go into the controls to customize and tailor them to your needs. Every independent filmmaker and videographer should take advantage of resources like this to take that next step with their work.

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4 Free High-End After Effects Templates and Tools

You don’t have to spend a dime to get awesome animations in After Effects. Check out these 4 amazing tools and templates for After Effects from RocketStock.com. Each one is designed to help you on your motion design journey, and the best part is they’re free!

1. Digital Distortion

Digital Distortion is exactly what the name implies, an After Effects template that can add digital distortion effects to your footage. The template comes preloaded with 9 different distortion effects that are all controlled via sliders. From chromatic aberration to colored boxes, this template is perfect for giving your footage a glitchy or grungy look.

Digital Distortion: Free After Effects Template

2. Split Layers

Split Layers is a really cool template designed to split your footage up into vertical sections. This template is more like a tool where you can control any layer’s X,Y, and Z offset. Plus if you don’t want your split layers to be uniform you can use the random slider to create a more unique look. Here's a quick demo featuring this free After Effects template:

Split Layer: Free After Effects Template

3. Dynamic Car Gauges

HUDs are all the rage right now. However, a good HUD with lots of detail can take a while to create. So, instead of making a car HUD, why not simply download this free After Effects template? The template comes pre-loaded with 3 different design styles and free sound effects.

Engaged: Free After Effects Template

4. Circle Bursts

Who doesn’t love circle bursts? They’re simple and easy to integrate into most motion graphics projects and make animations more dynamic. So instead of making them from scratch, use these pre-rendered After Effects elements. All of the elements come in 3 speeds: fast, normal, and slow.

FREE Circle Burst Assets for After Effects & Video Editing

Want More Awesome Templates?

Creating a good video takes a lot of time and effort, especially when it comes to graphics. To create a good motion sequence you need both an eye for design and the technical know-how. Thankfully there’s a better way. Using the exclusive After Effects templates on RocketStock you can give your video projects a sleek, custom look that would normally take hours (if not days) to create.

The best part is all of the projects on RocketStock have an unlimited license, meaning you don’t have to buy the project again and again if you want to use it on multiple projects. While you're on RocketStock checkout their blog – posts dedicated entirely to video editing and motion graphics.

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