Yuneec Q500 Quadcopter: Prime Time Entrant?

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We spoke with the folks from Yuneec – a Chinese quadcopter company — at NAB 2015. Whether it was accidental or a sign of their ambition we don’t know, but they were located directly behind DJI, makers of the Phantom drone and Ronin gimbal. In this video, Frank Rohmer gives us his take on Yuneec’s Q500 [B&H | Amazon], including sample footage.

I’ve got drones on the brain.

With an ever-expanding field of players from stalwarts DJI and Parrot to 3DR, Yuneec and start-ups like Skydio and Lily, the choices for camera-equipped aerial drones are impressive.

Frank Rohmer has been flying drones since 2012 and gives us his take on the Yuneec Q500.

He likes it.

A lot – even though he still has a wish list, most notably manual camera control.

It’s a sexy looking beast, though I’d prefer to use my own GoPro. And I do wonder about Yuneec’s “Smart” mode: does it work like 3DR’s and Lily’s?

Have any planet5D readers used the Q500? What do you think? And even if you haven’t, how do you think it's likely to stack up  to the Phantom 3 [B&H | Amazon]?

Yuneec Q500 and Q500+ Review and Demo

Via Frank Rohmer:

The Yuneec Q500+ Quadcopter is a direct competitor to the DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced and Pro) and actually gives it a strong run for it's money.

With instant out of the box flight and high quality smooth video and included case, pistol grip and two batteries it'll be hard to ignore.

If you are considering jumping into the ever popular aerial photo and video industry then this is a must consideration. Follow Frank Rohmer as he provides you with a Top 10 Features list of this ever popular new kid on the block and decide for yourself if this should be your next investment.

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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