Why We Should Make Indie Films

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Filmmaker & actor Kentucker Audley gives 10 reasons to make indie films. It’s a compelling list.

At 5:38 AM the other morning I forwarded an article from Fast Company to two people. In it, Matthew Weiner, creator of MAD MEN – my favorite TV show of all time – shares a bit of his own personal backstory and the rocky path to success.

Thank you, Mr. Weiner. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

He mentions how Kevin Smith’s CLERKS motivated him to make his own indie film, something he regards as a transformational experience.

I’d like a transformational experience. How about you?

Making a film was already a 2015 goal for me, but I confess until today it was slipping further and further into the distance.

Can you relate?

And now, less than five hours after reading about Mr. Weiner, I’m reading a piece entitled “10 Reasons to Make Indie Films” by Kentucker Audley.

Synchronicity is an interesting phenomenon.

Thank you, Mr. Audley. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Many planet5D readers have already made their own films – and by this, I don’t mean films made for other people: I mean passion projects which one not only films, but may also write, direct, edit, and/or produce. Many have not.

If you haven’t – even if it’s a 90 second short – do.

If you have, read both articles for another zap of inspiration.

Me? I need to watch CLERKS and call a couple of buds to see how to make my film happen.

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10 Reasons to Make Indie Films

10 Reasons to Make Indie Films


Via Kentucker Audley at Medium:

With TV shows on the decline and facing a troubled future (and mark my words, Virtual Reality is a fad) indie filmmakers are now at the forefront of a new media landscape. But there are plenty of reasons to make indie films besides being on the cutting edge — let’s take a look at why so many of our most talented youngsters are turning to indie film…

1) To become your own film marketer and entrepreneur! The most exciting part about making indie films nowadays is that the actual movie is not what’s most important. It’s the marketing and business side that’s truly essential. To quote this article on The Death of the Artist — And the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur (The Atlantic), “we don’t have to worry about the art anymore, we can just be business people like our parents wanted in the first place.”

2) To attend film festival panels and post film Q & A’s. If you love panels, indie film is for you. Any industry insider knows that the secret to film festivals is to skip the movies and instead, use your $600 badge to gain access to the always illuminating indie film panels. This is the best way to hear from the industry’s top middlemen. Be sure to pick the brains of these unsung heroes of artistic pursuit by asking tough questions. They’ll divulge priceless secrets like, “it’s important to get people’s email addresses” and “make your movie about something with a built-in audience.”

As far as those famous post film Q and A’s, what can be better than a scintillating conversation between filmmakers who clearly know why they made their movie, and audience members hungry to hear what camera they shot on.

3) To use the newest cameras. When making an indie film, it’s essential that you use the newest camera. I’m a broken record about this, but it’s true: never make an indie film unless you have the latest and greatest equipment! Once you’re ready to upload, please god make sure it’s in 4k. Use whatever free time you have to complain to the Vimeo staff that they aren’t 4K compatible. (Once everyone is 4K compatible, start complaining that they aren’t compatible with whatever comes after 4K)

Read full article at Medium “10 Reasons to Make Indie Films”

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