The Pandora DSLR Optimizer: The Frankenstein Audio Recorder

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The tools we use as filmmakers are more often than not, unitaskers. That is, objects that can only perform one task (except for the mandatory on set Leatherman tool).

The Pandora DSLR optimizer isn’t a unitasker. In fact, this might be the first audio recorder that makes an effort to help the stability of your image.

Why you might ask? Honestly, I’m not too sure myself. This unit has the watermarks of the work of some mad scientist engineering. And that’s not meant to be a criticism! We’re so used to dealing with unitaskers that we don’t know what to think of something that presents more possibilities!

At the core of this Frankenstein is a professional quality audio recorder, equipped to provide Phantom Power multiple mics, 2 balanced XLR inputs, 3 SD card holders and audio meters on the unit itself.

Here’s where it gets crazy: The Pandora DSLR Optimizer also sports a shoulder grip to enable you to better stabilize your camera when on the move. It also has a SOLAR CHARGER on the top, which will, I assume, charge the batteries as you shoot.


Before you scoff and roll your eyes at the efficacy of the Pandora, remember, these guys have made a recorder that looks like literally no other recorder on the market. That type of ingenuity is the type of creativity that leads to new groundbreaking gear. And honestly, it incorporates many features that we all really need.


I encourage you to check out their Kickstarter for a more in-depth look at this feature heavy, unique piece of gear.

The Pandora DSLR Optimizer Is a Fully-Featured Camera Rig Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

Via No Film School:

Just when the DSLR revolution seemed to be coming to an end, a few Argentinian dudes came along and invented a camera rig that is both fully-featured and very, very strange.

The Pandora DSLR Optimizer, which is currently in the crowdfunding process, is many things. It's a stabilizer for smaller cameras. It's an audio solution that claims to provide better audio than many existing external recording solutions. It's a battery solution that provides all-day power to your camera (and it's solar-powered). And it's got, like, a gazillion other features.

Read full article at No Film School “The Pandora DSLR Optimizer Is a Fully-Featured Camera Rig Unlike Any You've Ever Seen”

Pandora DSLR Optimizer

Pandora – DSLR optimizer Indiegogo Campaign

Via Indiegogo:

Pandora is an all in one sound, battery and stabilizing solution for your DSLR camera.

Pandora DSLR Optimizer Tech Specs

Pandora DSLR Optimizer features

Pandora has a 14.000Mah battery, with enough power for the camera and two attached accessories to shoot for more than 5 hours!

And if you’re just running the camera, more than 15 hours of video!

-More than 15 hours shooting video sporadically.
-More than 96Gb recorded onto your Canon SD.
-More than 14.000Mah
-More than 103.6Wh.
-It´s like 14 Canon LP-E8 Batteries in your camera

Read more about Pandora DSLR Optimizer's Indiegogo campaign

(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)


  1. I don’t think it’s fair to call it an “audio recorder” as it doesn’t actually record/store the audio. It’s more like an audio passthrough that send the signal back to the camera. The SD Cards are for placing/storing your cards when you aren’t using them, they don’t actually read/write to them. 

    Still an amazing device!

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