The GoPro of Audio has arrived! Meet the revolutionary Instamic!

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As a filmmaker we have nearly endless tools to capture video in almost any environment. The time has come to acknowledge the importance of audio in these same environments.

Instamic is the new groundbreaking audio recorder that claims to do for audio what GoPro did for video. I have to admit, this has me very excited.

“Video is our look, but audio is what we feel.”

With the increased focus on video bits and resolution, we tend to forget that it’s only, at best, 50% of what we’re communicating to an audience.

Video recorders like the GoPro have opened up endless possibilities for shooters that want to share their adventures with friends, family and the world.

The Instamic picks up where GoPro leaves off and actually takes this method of filmmaking to a whole new level.

In addition to it’s tiny form factor, the Instamic has a variety of versatile mounts that can be attached to virtually anything. This allows you to use it in nearly endless ways.

In the launch video for the Instamic, Michele Baggio the founder of Instamic, uses the mic as a lav, attached to his shirt. And while the audio has undoubtedly been edited, it sounds fantastic. The video goes on to show the mic being used in a variety of environments. By the end, I’m forced to agree that audio plays a massive role communication—it takes decent video to the next level.

I follow GoPro online so I’ve seen the kind of videos they post. The intense, up close action characterized by their wide cameras has almost become trademark. What is missing? The sound of the waves, when you’re surfing. The roar of the dirt bike engine. The click of the skateboard wheels on the ground.

This is where Instamic arrives.

The splash resistant and waterproof Instamic (depending on the version you buy) can be attached to your surfboard and capture that instantly iconic crashing of the waves in a high quality and robust 24 bit signal.

Instamic image jpeg

The Instamic also arrives with certain limitations. It can only be powered via a USB charger. It’s limited to 4 hours of recording time with a 48khz/24 bit signal and it’s slightly more expensive than your average Zoom H1 ($129 and $169 to the H1’s $99).

But these downsides fail to make the Instamic not worth it. If the Instamic creators are to be believed, this will fill in the cavernous hole left in the library of mics by companies like Rode and Sennheiser who have yet to make durable mics like this.

The Instamic also has other forward thinking features, such as the Bluetooth Sync and the ability to be controlled at a distance by an app. This gives the user more control and as a result, more ways to tailor the capture to your specific needs. These tools show, the Instamic has been made with a focus on functionality, not tradition.

Think of GoPro just a few years ago. Now fast forward to modern day.

The debate is still open as to where Instamic will go, but if they can deliver, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Instamic Wants To Do For Microphones What GoPro Did For Cameras

Via 4K Shooters:

Instamic, is currently set on becoming the “GoPro” of microphones, and needs your help via Indiegogo to get there. Instamic is tiny microphone that can be easily attached to just about any surface and not only that, but it also has the ability to record professional quality audio in 24-bit/48 kHz up to 4 hours without any wires, cables, receivers or external recorders.

Instamic image 1

The mic comes in two versions – the Instamic Pro and Instamic Go, the former sporting a water-proof design (up to 5 feet), while the Go has a splash-proof enclosure. The unit can be controlled via the Instamic App to be available for both iOS and Android.

Instamic – The GoPro of Microphones – Indiegogo Campaign


* 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality
* Up to 4 hours recording
* Mono/Dual Mono + Stereo (Pro only)
* Omni-directional polar pattern
* 50 to 18,000 Hz frequency response
* Multiple mounting options – sticky, magnetic, velcro
* Works with Or without the Instamic App
* Sync to Bluetooth device

Event and wedding videographers who frequently have to mic up multiple subjects, will love this little device, and so do adventurers and vlogger’s as the Instamic doesn’t require an external receiver or cabling to capture decent audio.

Read full article at 4K Shooters “Instamic Wants To Do For Microphones What GoPro Did For Cameras”

Instamic – The Smart, Small, GoPro of Microphones

Instamic Comparison specifications

Instamic Recorder specifications


Instamic – Demo – Videomaking

Via Indiegogo:

1. How do I record with Instamic?

There are two ways.

The fastest one is using the recording button on the bottom part of the Instamic (the Instamic logo) . Once the mic is on, simply tap and hold the button for a second, Instamic will automatically adjust the gain on its own in the first 10 seconds and then it will keep that optimal level. We call it Smart Gain. Tap and hold again for a second and it will stop recording.

If you have a mobile device, pair Instamic with it, and control it through the Instamic App.

2. How can I monitor the input signal?

Instamic has 3 LEDs onboard, showing the input level.

You have a more precise VU meter on the mobile app, with the ability to control the input level while recording (if you set up the Input Mode on Manual)

3. About how long can Instamic record for?

The maximum recording time depends on the recording format you choose. Currently the maximum recording time is up to 4hrs at 48 khz / 24 bits Mono and 2hrs at 48 khz / 24 bits Stereo (Instamic Pro) uncompressed audio (LPCM WAV format) .

4. How long will the batteries last?

You will get 4 hours of recording time. Duration can vary depending on charging time, temperature and storage conditions.

More FAQs and information about Instamic at their Indiegogo Campaign

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(cover photo credit: snap from Indiegogo)


  1. Wonder how easy it will be to sync the audio and video? Especially in noisy environments (motorsports) .. For my use, I suppose I could start all devices recording, then generate a tone, even a car horn, and use it to sync everything up? Or will this allow the GoPro app to trigger all cameras and mics at once?

  2. jwdsail Hi. Thanks for your interest and support. You will definitely be able to sync multiple Instamics at once using the app. We call it “Instaciak”. Let us talk with GoPro and add this amazing feature to their app 😉

  3. Am I reading correctly the the weight is about 15 +/-18 grams? So it might be -3 grams and just float slowly into the sky? Drone mic, but without the annoying buzzing!

  4. eclux Yes, Instamic is extremely tiny and light. Actually It works great to capture sounds on the ground while you are flighting your drone. No buzz at all. It’s great to have two perspectives. We are working on a video to show the results. Stay tuned!

  5. Will you be coming out with various accessories to attached it to other objects like a bike handle or mount it along with GoPro Camera?

  6. Hi Charles,
    Instamic records 48kHz / 24bit uncompressed file. We want to keep the best audio quality possible.

  7. Hi,
    Instamic and GoPro are really a good match but to get the best audio quality possible Instamic has to be as close as possible to the sound source. Placing it on an bike handle bar or a surfboard on the same position of the GoPro will not take advantage of one of Instamic’s main features – follow the sound source, and it will mainly capture the sound of the bike frame or board. As you can see on my Thank You video, I mounted the gopro on the handlebar and Instamic on my chest with the magnet clip. The difference is clear. We are actually designing more mounting options, optimized for audio, so please, stay tuned. Thanks so much for your interest on Instamic. Kind regards, Michele Baggio

  8. Hi JasonWatson2! Yes  limiter and compressor are available to prevent audio clipping but if you are working with “unpredictable sounds” we suggest to use the Dual Mono configuration:
    – One track is the reference
    – Second track settable to steps of 3dBs (-12, -9, -6, -3).

    Hope I’ve replied correctly to your question.
    Thanks for your interest in our tiny boy.
    Kind regards,
    Michele Baggio

  9. Is it possible to plug in a lav into instamic ?
    Also,is it possible to simultaneously monitor multiple instamics on one phone? 
    Does the instamic work with all smartphones (ios,windows,android) ?
    I ask coz I want to replace my 2 pairs of wireless transmitter/receiver pairs which are extremely bulky..Thanks

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