Cinegear Giveaway

Teradek and Vitec Announce Huge Cinegear Giveaway

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We’ve said it before: Vitec is a fascinating company with great brands. If you’re in LA this weekend for Cinegear, you definitely want to hit every one of their booths to increase the odds of winning some outstanding gear from Teradek, LitePanels, smallHD, Anton Bauer, and O’Connor.

Nothing more to write, really: they’re giving away $10,000 worth of gear, and announcing the winners on June 12th. When and where else are are you going to experience odds and turn-around times like these, with gear quite as scrumptious?

I’m envious.

Teradek and Vitec announce Huge Cinegear Giveaway

Cinegear Giveaway


Via Teradek:

Stop by the Teradek booth (119) for a chance to win an insane “Dream Rig” worth over $10,000 including Teradek Bolt 300, Litepanels Astras, SmallHD 502, Anton/Bauer G90+ & Charger and last but not least, the brand new @OConnor O-Rig.

Sponsored by Vitec Videocom in partnership with AbelCine

(cover photo credit: snap from Teradek)


  1. Went to Cinegear yesterday. Seemed like double the attendees from last year. Kinda makes one wonder “What are all these people shooting…and who is buying it?” Had a look at the new Batis FE lens…very light. The Ronin M is quite something for the price…can be balanced very quickly. Great presentation on Anamorphic lenses. Lots of LED light manufacturers. Not much food – bring your own. Parking a bit of a challenge. Really nice to get “hands on” with some products that have caught my fancy…if not my credit card just yet.

  2. 57firedog The Ronin-M is something, isn’t it?  Will be reviewing the Batis 25mm shortly, so stay tuned.  And man, do I hear you about credit cards!

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