Ooh, Now I REALLY Want One: RØDE RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

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I mean: holy CRAP, I REALLY WANT ONE. Based on this review from B&H, the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit [B&H| Amazon] may be what allows me to sell my Sennheiser EW100 kit [B&H| Amazon]. Anyone interested?

Coming from still photography into filmmaking, audio has been the bane of my filmmaking existence – even when I have really good stuff.

It has taken time, but I’m finally comfortable with most of my kit, having settled on the TASCAM DR70-D [B&H | Amazon] and a pair of RØDE shotguns (the NTG-2 [B&H| Amazon] and newer NTG-4+ [B&H | Amazon]) when I need the best sound (in my price range) and lavs won’t do; and usually – no joke – a pair of RØDE smartLavs [B&H | Amazon] with their RØDE Rec app on my iPhone 6 when lavs are a better solution.

But I STILL fight with my Sennheiser EW100 G2 kit.

When you’re a one-man band (or even two), you just don’t want to spend the time looking for a clear frequency, and then find half-way through a shot you have to change it again anyway – yet that is often my experience with the EW100 in a nutshell.

And – as in most pieces of kit – I have come to hate nested menus, much preferring physical knobs and buttons. I use the EW100 so infrequently that I have to dig out the manual and relearn how it works each time I use it.

In an age of uber-intuitive iPhone apps, this is not good.

So here comes the RØDELink, with virtually no setup; constant frequency hopping; no external antennae to bend; quality I already know; and a price – $399 – roughly half the price of a comparable Sennheiser kit (though it has to be said that the Sennheiser comes with a module to attach to mics like the NTG’s, a big plus and thus not quite apples-to-apples).

So, RØDE: when can we have that external mic module? And in the meantime – when can we actually buy the RØDELink kit I just saw in the B&H vid?

Hands On Review : Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

Hugh Brownstone

Hugh Brownstone

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  1. Looks like it adds one less thing to worry about during the shoot, which is always a plus.

  2. Looks interesting. Any reason it would be a good choice against a Sennheiser
    ew 112-p G3?

  3. Robert Bryant Robert, the thing that makes RØDELink fascinating to me is the idea of virtually zero set-up and no worries about interference because of its automatic frequency hopping. The thing that I like about it is the price.  I don’t have the G3, only the G2, but I believe the G3 uses the same basic technology as the G2. My colleague Karin Gottschalk has a review right here on planet5D: blog.planet5d.com/2015/06/rodes-rodelink-filmmaker-kit-reliable-affordable-wireless-lavalier-solution-for-everyone/.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her!

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