Only One Day Left: $100 Off Academy of Storytellers Membership

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The team behind the Academy of Storytellers is really, really good: good filmmakers, good educators and good people. We’re only sorry we’re telling you about this 25% promotional discount just a day before it ends on June 26th at 9PM PST (Promo code: cheer).

We’ve interviewed them ; we’ve written about and signed up for their courses; we’ve learned things and been inspired; and we really like them.

So it’s easy for us to recommend Academy of Storytellers, an online educational offering for filmmakers predicated on a series of video shorts, tutorials, ancillary printable materials, and discussions based on the experience of an Emmy-award winning team of young filmmakers — along with the larger Storytellers community.

I’m on old filmmaker (by age, if not experience or mindset), and I think it’s great.

Check them out, and if you like what you see, today and tomorrow are the days to save some dosh signing up. [bctt tweet=”One day left for 25+% discount on Academy of Storytellers membership”]

Academy of Storytellers

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Who should join the Academy?

Via Story&Heart:

Whether you’re just getting started with video or are a seasoned storyteller, join the Academy of Storytellers to build your skills, grow your business, and stay inspired.

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What does my membership get me?

Your membership grants you annual access to exclusive video tutorials (with new ones being added weekly), monthly live webinars, private discussions, downloadable resources and lesson supplements 15% off Story & Heart footage, and exclusive promotions from our foundational partners.

What types of lessons are available on the Academy?

The Academy of Storytellers aims to tackle all topics that would help you to grow and excel in the filmmaking industry. From beginner to advanced lessons, we cover topics such as Storytelling and Story Structure, Cinematography, Lighting, Directing, Post Production, and more!

Lessons are in the form of 3–8 minute tutorials, which each cover one clear take-away that you can implement immediately, as well as in-depth 1–1.5 hour long webinars where you can interact with and ask questions directly of educators in real time. Each lesson may also be accompanied by other helpful downloadable resources to supplement the learning.

How long are the tutorials to watch?

Each tutorial is 3–8 minutes long. We know you’re busy, and throwing 8 hours of learning at you at once can be a bit overwhelming and slightly sleep-inducing. Lessons are pared down to a single clear take-away that you can easily implement into your workflow, and can easily watch whenever is convenient!

How often are new lessons added?

Every week we are adding 2 new tutorials to the Academy, and every month we hold a live webinar on a particular topic. So if there is something you’d love to learn, reach out! We’re always incorporating the learning you want to see happen.

Read full FAQs of the Academy of Storytellers membership Here.

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Hugh Brownstone

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