Hey Canon, We’ve Got Big Some Questions About That 5D Mk IV…

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planetMitch note: Welcome Bret Hoy to the writing crew at planet5D! Actually, he's written several stories already, but with this one, he really plants his style foot on our staff! What do you think?

Hey, Canon. Look. Sit down, buddy. We need to have a talk. I saw that you sent out some beta version 5D Mk. IV bodies, and I have something to say about it.

Man. This sure is tough.

I really don’t want to be having this conversation, and I don’t think you do either. Before I go and say anything I regret, I just want to start by saying, I love you. The T2i is what got me into this racket we call filmmaking, and despite the pain of being a perfectionist in such a finicky art, I can’t thank you enough. You gave me and many other filmmakers and photographers the tools we needed to find ourselves and our art.

I’m not going to go and say that you’re being negligent. I get it! You’re working on stuff. You can’t just show all of your cards up front. 4K is tricky! I know! Image stabilization, isn’t your bag. I get it. You don’t dig the EVF’s. I understand. That whole articulating screen thing just a little bit… difficult.

I’m not trying to point fingers here. I’m not saying that I’m done with you. If I ever said that, odd’s are, I’d be lying. But here’s what I’m saying Canon…

Pentax here is doing some pretty cool stuff with their new K-3 II body. That whole sensor stabilization thing? I can’t say I don’t like the idea of it. And all of this Pixel Shift Resolution and Diffraction Correction? That PRIME III engine sounds like it’s kickin’.

It sort of reminds me of what Olympus did with the E-M5 II’s High Res shot. The camera takes 4 shots with a 16 MP sensor and composites them into a 40MP JPEG or a 64MP Raw file? Oh, and that Sony A7II, with that super sweet 5-axis sensor stabilization. Not only that, but the body upgrade on that A7II from the original? It feels military grade now.

That’s not even to mention the amazing video that Sony shooters can get out of the A7s. And that GH4? Internal 4K? I know you missed the boat on 4k, but it’s not too late to jump on board like the Sony just did with the a7R II. At the very least, it would be great to see that DIGIC 7 processor. You know we’d love to see that.

The camera tech world is very different than it was back in March of 2012. Are you ready for 2015/2016?

You see, what I'm asking is, what can you offer us anymore? It's been a while without any word from you, and I have to tell you, I'm concerned. You’ve had more than enough time, and haven’t surprised us with any new developments yet. The 5DS and 5DS-R are cool, sure. But they're certainly not huge leaps forward.

Hey, seriously. Don’t take this too harshly. I still pick up a Canon body when I take photos. It’s comforting. Like an old friend that I know won’t let me down. That being said, I can’t say that I haven’t thought about moving on… Only temporarily though. I promise.

I think I can speak for many photographers and cinematographers out there when I say that we want to feel that excitement when picking up a 5D again.

I don’t want to lose you as a friend, and partner in crime– It’s up to you at this point. What do you have that makes me want to invest in Canon again?

I wish I could say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” I really wish I could.

Canonrumors reports Canon 5D Mark IV bodies have been sent to several photographers for testing. The Canon 5D Mk. IV is expected to be officially announced in Q4 of 2015, with release slated for some time in 2016. The expectations are high, and rightfully so.

There’s plenty to be excited for with this announcement. The 5D series is in need a body upgrade. It is also behind the times when it comes to sensor image stabilization and could use an electronic view finder. Internal/external 4K and HD overcrank options would be nice. These upgrades shouldn’t be speculated upon. They should be expected from a big name like Canon in a 2015-2016 high end DSLR.

What would you like to see in the 5D Mk. IV?

EOS 5D Mark IV Testing Has Begun [CR2]


Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told test bodies for the EOS 5D Mark IV have made their way to select photographers. The timeline for an announcement is still some time in Q4 of 2015.

While there has been talk about a new DIGIC processor for the EOS-1D X Mark II, it is unknown if the EOS 5D Mark IV will see the rumored DIGIC 7 processor as well. If it doesn’t, one can assume that the EOS-1D X Mark II won’t come soon after the EOS 5D Mark IV and will likely fall into the winter of 2016, with availability coming soon after.

Read full article at Canon Rumors “EOS 5D Mark IV Testing Has Begun [CR2]”

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(cover photo credit: snap from Canon Rumors)


  1. Nice article. 4k would be really nice but it needs to come out soon. I’m close to investing in another system so I can stay ahead of the curve.

  2. Koledzy i koleżanki filmowcy, ktoś wreszcie napisał to co większość z nas, która używa aparatów Canon mówi na forach, w prywatnych rozmowach od pewnego czasu. Ten list otwarty do Canona trafia w punkt. Czekamy na premierę nowych sprzętów zazdrośnie spoglądając na to co dziś oferuje Sony, Panasonic czy nawet Pentax! Jestem pewien, że wielu z nas podejmie decyzję o zmianie całego systemu jeśli nasza ulubiona marka postanowi przespać kolejny duży krok, w stronę 4K, wysokich czułości czy ficzerów pomagających w codziennej pracy. Hej! nie każdy potrzebuje C300mk II, ale pewne rzeczy dziś są standardem! Wake up Canon!

  3. At this point, I don’t know if Canon can curb my imminent departure from the brand. Since I started carrying around a mirrorless camera, I find myself avoiding picking up that brick of a 5DMkII whenever I can. I can get 90% of my job done with 90% less back pain. Yeah, the Canon still has a slight advantage in image quality, but it’s a gap that’ll close in the next generation or so unless Canon does something amazeballs.

  4. In the past I had dismissed the following observation, but thinking about the fact that Canon has pretty limited 4K options (C300mII, C500, 1DC, XC10, anything else?) it is interesting to note that Panasonic and Sony sell 4K televisions that need more content from professional or consumer producers, and Canon does not.

  5. Oh yes Canon, I wish I could say, “It’s not you, it’s me.” I really wish I could. But let’s face it, I don’t know if I can wait december… Talking about video, I’ve alerady moved away to the pretty GH4… Talking about photography, I can’t say that I don’t have an eye on Sony. So Canon I’m with Bret, you have to surprise for real this time !

  6. JamesKorn I also find that, the advantages that it might have in image quality fall away if you’re not inspired to use the camera– for me that’s a big deal.

  7. I really do hope they are listening… I’m so close to jumping ship completely, and have done so with the GH4 for video already… The fact that Sony is making it easier for switchers is amazing too, Canon glass with AF (via Metabones) sounds like a dream with the included Image Stabilization!

  8. averagehoy JamesKorn  Absolutely. I’m a big Fuji fan because of how all of the physical knobs and dials make you feel just that much more connected to the images I’m creating. I find myself looking for excuses to shoot, just because I like the way it feels in my hands.

  9. jefgibbons Couldn’t agree more with you. One of the more exciting things about the Sony a7R II was the announcement that AF actually works really well with adapters. That’s groundbreaking. It will most definitely migrate more shooters to Sony.

  10. eclux Unfortunately, Canon’s library of 4k options leaves out the great majority of their dedicated shooters.
    You make a very valid point about Panasonic and Sony maybe trying to push the industry forward at a faster pace so that they can sell other products. It’s a perspective I have yet to hear.

  11. Was the title written incorrectly on purpose? “We’ve got big some…”

  12. Wasn’t meant as a slight against anyone. Sometimes it’s done with purpose. It just threw me off.

  13. I need a quieter shutter, lighter weight, one stop better ISO, Wi Fi hotspot so I can tether to a laptop, iPad or iPhone. I’d be content with that. Plus a lower price point because everyone else is cheaper!

  14. I’d have to agree, canon seems to be the “old dog” that can’t (or won’t) learn new tricks. I feel as if canon thinks they have us locked in by the glass. I’m really going to look into that Sony if canon doesn’t kick off the muddy shoes.

  15. Please… No electronic viewfinder. They’re terrible and don’t give a realistic view of the image you’re framing. It’s the single number one reason I hate mirror less cameras.

  16. Hit the spot!…Hit the spot!
    I have a photography and video production called Bodacinema, 3 years ago we used Canon cameras 9 total: 2 (5d Mark III) 3 (5dMark II), 2 (60d), 1 (6d) and an old 5d Mark I.
    Now we have 3 sony a6000, 2 GH4, 2 Lumix LX100 and only 2 Canon 6d. We also decided to sell 5 Speedlites, 6 L prime lenses (24mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2 (2) 2.8 zoom 24-70 a 17-40 and 24-105mm f4. Now we use Touit Carl Zeiss lenses, 3 milvus Carl Zeiss optics and party adapters to use the few lenses that were us. Now we have even placed an order for the sony A6300 (still I do not have) and I’m very excited about what I can do Panasonic with the new GH5. Although we do 4k video for clients yet, for us has been important weight and versatility, I love the new Canon 1DX Mark II, but concerned only know all the weight you’ll have for more than 8 hours at a wedding, and accustom my pace of work with cameras lighter weight, a camera larger just to impress my clients do not consider it important. Canon has lagged behind and I think it has to do with weight and autofocus. anyway thanks to Canon engineers for helping us grow, only now have to act faster because in the future there will be many better options. Greetings from Bolivia

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