Everest – Elia Saikaly Produces Emotional Tribute to the Fallen

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Elia Saikaly has been a friend of planet5D for a while (you can find the posts we've done with Elia below)… and he's incredibly passionate about filmmaking and mountain climbing (he's been on the top of Everest twice and has attempted it a couple of other times).

We were following him last year as he was attempting to climb Everest and film the ascent with DSLRs only to have the attempt crushed by the disaster where 18 people lost their lives due to an ice collapse in the ice flow on the path that leads up the mountain. Many hearts were broken that year.

Only this year, a similar event has happened!

There was an earthquake centered near Everest in Nepal and this caused a massive avalanche which covered the climber's basecamp and many lives were lost yet again!

And yes, Elia was there this year as well.

During the avalanche and the days following, Elia used his DSLR cameras to document the scene and put together this incredible tribute to those affected and lost.

I cannot imagine not only being there, being hit by such a massive earthquake and avalanche but yet having the ability to help and document the scenes – and finally to produce such an awesome tribute while dealing with the incredibly difficult environment he was in.

My blessings and thoughts go out to Elia, his family and of course all those who were lost in this tragic earthquake. These people endure so much in their lives.

Everest – A Tribute to the Fallen

Our hearts go out to those affected by the earthquake in Nepal, and we pray for the more than 4,000 people who lost their lives on April 25, 2015.

This is our experience at Mount Everest Base Camp after the avalanche.

This is our tribute to the fallen.

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Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly

Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly
Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly

Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly

Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly

Photo Credit: Elia Saikaly's Instagram @eliasaikaly


Elia Saikaly documents Nepal earthquake from Everest base camp

Via CBC News:

A climber and filmmaker from Ottawa, who was near the Mount Everest base camp when a deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, says the ensuing avalanche, fatalities and injuries are a nightmare he just wants to wake up from

Elia Saikaly and his team were stationed at a camp not far from the main base camp when the earthquake hit.

“We ran outside and it felt as though we were surfing on the extremely hard glacier ice that we were standing on,” Saikaly told Ottawa Morning host Robyn Bresnahan on Monday. “Before we knew it, there was this 200 to 300-foot tidal wave of snow heading directly towards us, so we dove into the mess tent, zipped it down and just dove onto the ground and started to pray.”

“It [sounded] like thunderous rock fall combined with what must have been 100 or 200-mile-an-hour winds, obviously from the snow coming directly towards us. It was terrible.”

Read full article at CBC News “Elia Saikaly documents Nepal earthquake from Everest base camp”


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(cover photo credit: snap from Elia Saikaly's Instagram)

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