EOS C500 Mark II Going Higher Than 4K?

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According to Canon Rumors, The Canon EOS C500 Mark II is likely to shoot at resolutions north of 4k. Indeed, this would be a smart move for Canon, who still haven’t fully embraced UHD resolutions yet. If the new C300 Mk II, which shoots in a variety of incredibly useful UHD resolutions and frame rates, tells us anything, it’s that Canon is looking to compete with more traditional cinema camera companies.

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen camera tech companies battle it out over the title of, highest resolution cinema camera. It seems as if before we can even fully adopt 4k, we’re headed for 6k, and dare I say it, 8k (RED Weapon)? The question is, can Canon compete in this resolutionary war?

The Canon C500 Mk II is most likely going to be announced mid-2016. Considering the speed of the industry, you have to wonder what resolution will be standard mid-2016. Or in 2017 when the camera will most likely go on the market.

A good sign of hope is Arri, who have made incredibly high quality industry standard cameras, without making the transition to 6k and beyond. If Canon listens to their customers, implements the correct functions and updates their sensor, they could perhaps head in a similar direction. Exasperation with companies that focus on getting the highest resolution is not an uncommon testimony nowadays.

The Canon C500 Mk II still has plenty of time until it’s mid-2016 announcement, and will round out the second generation of its C Series Cinema cameras.

EOS C500 Mark II Going Higher Than 4K? [CR1]

EOS C500 Mark II Going Higher Than 4K Via Canon Rumors:

We’re told that the Cinema EOS C500 Mark II is going to be announced some time in mid 2016 and that the camera will likely shoot at a resolution “well above 4K”. Canon “knows it was very late to the 4K market” and does not want to be considered late to the 6K+ world.

The form factor of the camera may change as well, as we’ve heard constant rumors of Canon doing a shoulder style camera in the Cinema EOS line.

The C500 was announced in August of 2012, which was nearly 8 months after the C300. By most accounts the C500 didn’t sell all that well, unlike the C300 which exceeded expectations. It stands to reason that it’ll have to be a more advanced product to justify the price and to have any hope of competing with ARRI.

Read this article at Canon Rumors “EOS C500 Mark II Going Higher Than 4K? [CR1]”

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  1. Given that very few decision makers have even heard of 4k at Canon, that they may bypass it, isn’t that big of a surprise.

  2. You’re right, it isn’t. It’s still interesting to see that they’re making such an effort to do what others have done already (go beyond 4k) and not announce until next year.
    It had better be amazing.

  3. SD,HD 2K,4K,xK …
    if the Story is crap ,the Film will be no better in 6K !
    and  ,what is overseen here  , a higer Dynamic Range is even more important than going for 6K or 8K .

    Thomas Piper

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