Book Your Tickets Now! – Visionary Moviemaker Vince LaForet Coming to Sydney & Melbourne Late July

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Get in fast! Don’t delay! Book your tickets NOW! Vince LaForet is coming to Australia for two two-day seminars, one in Sydney July 18-19 and the other in Melbourne July 25-26. Day one of each will be a lecture, day two will be a hands-on workshop and both components are based on his sold-out Directing Motion tour of 32 cities across the USA in 2014.

After just day one of the seminar on the art of camera movement, says Mr LaForet, “I guarantee that you will never be able to look at film in the same way again.”

Day two will put all that theory and inspiration into practice by shooting a movie profile of a local artist, working side-by-side with Vince LaForet so you will understand in the best possible way the skills, tools and mindset you will need to produce superlative work of your own.

Vince LaForet, if there is still anyone in moviemaking who doesn’t know who he is, helped kick off the HDSLR revolution in 2008 when he borrowed a prototype Canon EOS 5D Mark II and made his very first short feature, Reverie, in the streets of New York over a 72-hour period.

Since then, Mr LaForet has helped thousands of established and would-be moviemakers understand the freedom and affordability DSLR moviemaking has brought to the world and rocketed his own distinguished stills photography career into the Hollywood feature film directing and cinematography stratosphere.

Let some of that knowledge, openness and enthusiasm rub off by booking now at Vince LaForet’s Australian Directing Motion Tour at

And let’s not forget to thank RØDE and Atomos for is generously bringing this groundbreaking event to Australia, where it is, in my humble opinion, so very needed. [bctt tweet=”Book your tickets now! – Visionary moviemaker Vince LaForet comes to Sydney, Melbourne late July.”]

Vincent Laforet's Directing Motion


Discover how to master the art of camera movement, blocking, lensing, and sequencing in this exclusive event with one of the industry’s most respected and forward-thinking filmmakers.

Following the success of Vincent’s 2014 USA tour, which saw him present to 3,500 people across 32 cities, RØDE Microphones & Atomos are pleased to be bringing him to Australia for this exciting lecture and workshop series over a compact two day format, that will help you see an entirely new dimension to cinematic motion.

Vincent LaForet's Directing Motion Tour – Sydney & Melbourne

Vincent Laforet to Bring Sold Out Workshop Series to Australia for RØDE and Atomos


Wednesday June 24th, 2015, Sydney Australia – Australian filmmaking brands RØDE and Atomos are excited to announce they are expanding Vincent Laforet’s exciting Directing Motion tour internationally with select dates in Sydney and Melbourne this July.

As one of the industry’s most acclaimed commercial directors and filmmakers, Vincent Laforet has worked with some of the world’s largest and most popular brands including Nike, Canon and Apple. From a background in photo journalism where he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize working for the New York Times, Vincent was amongst the early pioneers of digital filmmaking and has achieved maven status, helping hundreds of thousands of filmmakers around the world to develop their craft.He continues to combine his love for moving image and stills, as displayed by his recent aerial photography project AIR, which has attracted global media coverage.

Directing Motion image

In 2014 Vincent hosted an educational tour titled Directing Motion,which visited 32 cities across the US and saw him present to 3,500 filmmakers of all levels. The workshops focused on cinematic camera motion, deconstructing the ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of dynamic cinematography, one of the most important aspects of modern filmmaking. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, and a flood of requests to take the workshop overseas poured across social media.

Today RØDE and Atomos are proud to announce that they have collaborated to do just that; Bringing Vincent’s Directing Motion tour to Sydney and Melbourne, in an extended two-day format that expands on his US tour syllabus.

The first day will be a lecture format, unlocking the theory behind camera motion. Vincent will showcase his favourite scenes from cinema and deconstruct them to explain and analyse camera movement, blocking, lensing and sequencing. He’ll also discuss his highest-profile commercial jobs, sharing how he won the jobs as well as how he managed them to successful completion.

The second day is an intensive hands-on workshop, where a small group of filmmakers will work alongside and with Vincent to plan, film and produce a cinematic short.

Tickets are available separately for both the day one lecture and the day two workshop, however it is strongly recommended that workshop attendees also attend the lecture. A discount is offered to delegates that wish to book both days, however placements are extremely limited and expected to sell out fast.

“Thanks to the support of RØDE and Atomos—two companies committed to supporting film makers around the world—I’m incredibly excited to be able to announce a brand new series of workshops that we'll be taking to Australia this July.” commented Vincent.“These cities represent creative hubs for film makers, photographers and other visual artists and I'm looking forward to bringing both the theory and practice of Directing Motion to both cities as we develop stronger, more compelling work to better engage and connect with our audiences.”

“Whether you're a photographer, film maker, or simply interested in cinema and the art and craft of story-telling, I guarantee you'll never be able to look at the world of motion in the same way again after attending this workshop.” he continued.

“Vincent is an incredible educator, and RØDE is extremely flattered to be collaborating with him on this tour.” commented Scott Emerton, RØDE’s Global Marketing Manager. “I’m confident that amateur filmmakers and professionals alike will draw a huge amount of value and insight from this evolution of the Directing Motion workshop”.

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