A Big Lens in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Happy to See Me? Fujinon XA55 on a Panasonic GH4!

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In this first installment in our new series “Where to Spend the Dough?” (maybe we should call it “Odd Couple” instead – what do you think?) we look at the $60,000+ Fujinon XA55 lens mated to the sub-$2,000 Panasonic GH4 [B&H | Amazon]. Crazy good.

This footage has been all over the web, and with good reason: it’s crazy good – and informative. Yes, we’re talking about the Fujinon XA55 broadcast lens which when mounted on the Panasonic GH4 with 2X teleconverter yields a 35mm full frame field of view equivalent of 44-2415mm.

It’s not just the incredible focal length that’s so intriguing: it’s also how free from shake the resulting footage is; how sharp it is; how smooth the zoom action is; and how it’s built from the ground up for remote control.

In short, the Fujinon XA55 is one of the very few dedicated moving image lenses we’ve seen where there is no question it’s worth the premium pricing.

And the Fujinon XA55 proves, yet again, that “it is about the gear – and it isn’t about the gear.” Which in this case means: it sure as heck is about that lens – but if you could mount that sucker to an iPhone under the right circumstances, it would still blow our minds.

This is a Giant Fujinon XA55 Broadcast Lens on a Tiny Panasonic GH4

Via Petapixel:

What do you get if you mount a giant $60,000 broadcast lens to a tiny mirrorless camera? That’s what YouTube user SirJonnyCargo recently set out to find out. He used a Fotodiox lens adapter to mount his Panasonic GH4 onto a Fujinon XA55 lens. The results were actually very impressive.

Giant Fujinon XA55 Broadcast Lens on a Tiny Panasonic GH4

Here’s the video he posted showing what he did and some sample footage shot using the strange camera kit:

Panasonic GH4 meets Fujinon XA55

Read full article at Petapixel “This is a Giant Fujinon XA55 Broadcast Lens on a Tiny Panasonic GH4”

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Fujifilm launches HDTV lens FUJINON XA55x9.5

Via Fujifilm Press Release:

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) will launch FUJINON XA55x9.5 (hereinafter XA55x9.5) at the end of August. As an addition to the lineup of HDTV lenses, this lens offers both 55x high-power zoom and high optical performance and is best for sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.

Analog broadcast has ended in Japan, the US and Europe, and HD equipment has become mainstream at TV program production sites due to the shift to digital broadcast such as high-definition broadcast with high image and sound quality. Production of TV programs with high image quality has also increased in Brazil where the upcoming World Cup and Olympics will be held and in emerging countries where digitalization of TV broadcast is advancing, increasing the demand for HD equipment. Under such circumstances, Fujifilm is expanding its lineup of high-performance HDTV lenses such as studio/field lenses used for shooting at studios or sports broadcasts and portable lenses that can be easily carried around.

XA55x9.5 to be launched is an HD field lens that offers both 55x high-power zoom and high optical performance with excellent resolution, transparency and color reproduction using the latest optical simulation technology.

XA55x9.5 features Fujifilm’s proprietary optical stabilization as a standard for the first time for 50-60x class field lenses. The lens corrects image shaking on the screen caused by wind and poor footing, which often occurs with high-power zoom lens with focal length on the telephoto side, and produces stable images. Since it is also compatible with focal length from 9.5mm to 525mm, it shows excellent performance in sports broadcasts, concerts and live productions.

The lens is also installed with the 16bit encoder which outputs zoom, focus position and other lens data at high resolution. It can work with virtual system that combines CG image with live shooting image. Since it has a built-in lens supporter to which portable cameras can be directly attached, the lens can be used without preparing a new lens supporter.

Fujinon lenses offered from Fujifilm are acclaimed for its high descriptive power and contribute to the evolution of new picture expression. Fujifilm will continue developing and providing new innovative products using its optical technology, high-precision processing technology and assembly technology developed over the years, to respond to the diversifying needs of production sites.

XA55x9.5 will be exhibited at BIRTV2013, the largest broadcasting equipment exhibition in Asia to be held in Beijing, China from August 21 to 24, 2013 and at the IBC 2013 from September 13 to 17 2013.

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(cover photo credit: snap from Petapixel)

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