8k? Really? Where Can You See Footage Online in 8k? YouTube!

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The Usual Scenario
You’re sitting in front of your computer, exporting out the final version of your short film. You've slaved over the lighting, framing and composition of each take, ignoring the impatient huffs and puffs from the actors and crew. You carefully graded each clip to take advantage of every bit of resolution, missing deadline’s because you weren’t fully satisfied with the film. Finally, yes finally,the render is complete! You go online only to find that no one is capable of displaying your 8K film!

I’m sure most, NAY, all of you have experienced this frustration.

Fortunately, we shall suffer this resolution destitution no more!

Seemingly as a dare to the entire filmmaking world, YouTube is now capable of displaying 8k video. I think I can speak for everyone in uttering a collective, “FINALLY.”

It was but a matter of time before sites like YouTube and Vimeo adopted this commonly used resolution, and I can’t wait to see my friends and colleagues display their work in the resolution they intended it to be in.


Neumannfilms just uploaded a gorgeous short film displaying the powerful new ability of YouTube to display 8k footage. See for yourself the unbelievable, system crashing, detailed image that was captured. Also, showcased is the beautiful color the RED Dragon is capable of producing.

The film was created by scaling up 6k footage to the 7.6k standard, or by stitching two portrait mode Dragon takes together in After Effects.

While the efficacy of 8k has yet to be proven, the detail captured is unmatched and frankly, stunning.

Ghost Towns in 8K

Via Youtube Description:

4K is so “early 2015”. Ghost Towns in 8K.

Filmed by Luke and Marika Neumann

Music by Luke Neumann

To license footage please email: [email protected]

Filmed on the RED Epic Dragon 6K in Portrait orientation and then stitched together in Adobe After Effects.

Some shots simply scaled up by 125% from 6.1K to meet the 7.6K standard.

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(cover photo credit: snap from the video)


  1. I’m sorry but this is really, really underwhelming.  The video presented is nothing more than a glamourous slide show that is as effective (or boring) in 1080 as it is in a higher resolution.  I am very thankful that this sort of thing doesn’t entice me in the least…!

  2. YouTube can’t even broadcast SD videos that don’t pause and stall all over the place.

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