5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III: Landscape Photography (with tips!)

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Ever since the Canon 5DS and 5DS-R were announced to the public in early February, there’s been a large amount of speculation regarding performance of the 50 million pixel CMOS sensor. In addition to all of speculation surrounding the performance, there’s quite a bit of skepticism about the functionality of a 50MP sensor for the average shooter. Accommodating file sizes and processing power needed to work with such large photos means that many shooters might need to make changes to their workflow.

All that in mind, you have to ask yourself: Is the 5DS-R worth it? While this comparison video, made by the folks over at the Tony Northrup YouTube channel, might not fully answer the question, it shows some basic and important differences between the image and performance of these three cameras. The differences between the 5D Mk. III and the 5DS-R are more obvious. However, the resolution, dynamic range and noise levels of the D810 and the 5DS-R start to become less distinct.

Between the camera comparisons there are several small tips that Tony includes that can be valuable for landscape shooters on any camera format.

Depending on the type of shooter you are, the 5DS-R can be too much to handle. With the Low Pass Filter deliberately removed from the sensor, you’re sometimes going to be left with less than desirable moiré. Another potential downside is that the camera body is virtually the same as the 5D Mk. III. They haven’t bothered to make any requested body upgrades that many shooters have asked for.

Here’s why that might not be a bad thing:

For you Canon 5D Mk. III shooters out there, using this camera will be as simple as picking up your usual gear. The shots that you’re comfortable taking on your Mk. III will be easy to make on your 5DS-R, but they will be over twice the resolution.

Beyond this video, Tony Northrup has posted other videos that cover studio and wildlife photography with the 5DS-R. Make sure to check those out on his YouTube Channel.

5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III: Landscape Photography (with tips!)

Via Youtube Description:

Sample raw files at sdp.io/5DSRLandscapeSamples

We test the Canon 5DS-R vs the 5D Mark III and D810 for sharpness, dynamic range, and high-ISO noise. Buy the cameras here:
* Canon 5DS-R: sdp.io/5dsr
* Nikon D810: sdp.io/d810

Note: You can turn on Exposure Delay on the D810 (d4) to get a similar effect to the 5DS-R's mirror lockup delay. It's just an extra step, and some argue the maximum delay of 3 seconds isn't long enough.

5DS-R vs D810 vs 5D Mk III

(cover photo credit: snap from the video)

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